Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball


Classic black and white soccer ball with reliable, durable construction. Available in 3 sizes to fit your kid’s age. Wilson traditional soccer ball is the official NCAA ball.

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If you value simplicity, classic and quality, make every backyard, street or pitch match uninterrupted fun with reliable, durable Wilson traditional soccer ball.

For whom

kids up to age 8: size 3

kids ages 8-12: size 4

kids ages 13+ : size 5

The Strengths

+ available in 3 sizes of different weight to fit kid’s height and strength

+ durable construction

+ air bladder’s construction providing long-lasting air retention

+ construction for excellent shape retention

+ soft in touch

+ classic black and white look with silver accents, 32 panels

Material: synthetic durable, machine-sewn leather

Trusted brand.

The official ball of NCAA soccer championships.

Highlights from customer reviews of Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

great quality, very durable as a practice ball (dead-solid), well constructed, not losing air, soft enough but not overly soft, nice handling with shoes, looks grown up, trusted brand, a very good price-quality ratio

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