mini art: Sun Catching and More Trips: Warsaw Zoo and Vistula River Nature Reserve

Our life looks now so much different than a few weeks before that it is like completely another life or at least another chapter. And the reason is sun and warmth! Sun and higher temperature change so much in our moods, attitudes, and bodies. We were going out in winter but let’s stop pretending: when it’s cold it’s unpleasant. Snow is sometimes fun, but low temperatures and sky covered with clouds for six months aren’t fun.

As a person longing for sun and for warmth, and for being surrounded by nature and as a mom who has a big need to burn Boys’ energy, I organize days now so that we are outside for hours. Costs of such day plan are less time for work, less time for home chores, less time for preparing healthy food and tiredness which puts us into beds even at 8 pm. But I know that I must use these sunny days!

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the week of first times

Oh, and before we go to our last week’s trips, I’ll tell you about my first times’ that happened recently.

1 | We have lived about 14 miles from our capital city, Warsaw, for nine months, and this week it was the first time when I went to Warsaw since we live here. Why? I don’t like cities very much, and even more I don’t like cities with kids, and I don’t like driving on crowded ways which I don’t know. And I don’t like searching for a parking place in cities. And I’m still too much devoted to my kids, not allowing myself to leave them for a half day and to go to a cinema or whatever.

2 |  I was the first time I said something inappropriate to someone, probably because of spending too much time recently on playgrounds. I was talking on the phone with my dentist, changing the day of my visit, and at the end, I used a form to say goodbye which is used by kids or friends. Oops! Let’s call it The Mother’s Too Long On The Playground Brain.

3 | For the second time (it’s almost first, right?), I’ve broken something because of having kids who want to touch and take everything… My answer to this Boys’ feature is putting everything only on higher shelves, out of their reach. As a result, even though I’m a minimalist, having not many items, the shelves are overcrowded with things and sometimes something falls down when I want to take something that is in the back. This time it was my perfume 🙁

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kids and minimalism?

Having just a little amount of items makes it easier to hide them from kids. Yet recently I’m slowing with my minimalist approach to some areas (have you read Life after Minimalism? 5 Thoughts after 5 Years of Being a Minimalist?). Minimalism with kids is, in my opinion, hundred percent reasonable and possible. But going radical in this subject makes life harder. Kids and minimalism don’t always go together or there is a better solution to some situations than limiting stuff.

I was a big fan of decluttering toys and not buying new. I was a bit angry when an aunt gave us plastic vehicles on which kids can drive. But then it gave me a half day of calmness at the playground when Boys weren’t asking me for anything, occupied with their new vehicles!

I won’t get crazy and won’t start buying plastic stuff which I know will be boring for Boys. But I’m loosing my rules for their items. Minimalism stays for adults.

If you’re interested in the subject of minimalism and kids, listen to the last episode of TheMinimalists’ podcast with Derek Sivers. He has nice observations on toys and parenting in general.

Ok, let’s go back to the trips.

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the Warsaw Zoological Garden

Like in the previous mini art, I’m grateful for being flexible with my work time. Zoo on a weekday morning? No crowds? Less noise? Noone tall making it harder to see the animals? Yes, please.

First animals we saw: lions relaxing.

Our favorite place (from the 1/5 of the zoo that we had the energy to see during the 2+ hours walk): big fishes and hippos.

I have to say that the zoo is planned so that it’s a beautiful and pleasant place for people.

And something for book lovers, and sharing economy lovers.

the Vistula nature reserve

Next day we made a trip and a pleasant walk in the sun in one of the nature reserves around the Vistula river. Wilderness, birds signing, sun, calmness. More, please 🙂

It’s not yet very green or colorful with flowers but the views are great. I’ve created a simple movie showing the place:

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Remember to go out more! I know it’s hard to motivate yourself to go out. I know, I feel the same. But when you do this, you cannot deny that spending time in nature really benefits our bodies and psyche.

very capsule wardrobe last week. To know the whys and the hows of a minimalist wardrobe, read my article The One Sign That You’ve Reached a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe and How to Get There

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