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How to teach your kid to ride a bike (on two wheels) – my experiences while teaching our 4-year-old

Cycling is a universal and obvious skill today, so every parent is trying to teach this child as early as possible. And sometimes it’s not easy to convince a little human, to explain to him that you really can get the balance and encourage him to dare. (I write this from the perspective of a woman who can not swim and does not believe that she can be kept on the water – so I have an understanding of this kind of problems). Today, I’ll describe to you my tested method how to teach kid to ride a bike, on two wheels.

I have recently achieved this success: not even planning it for this day, I taught my Older Son to ride on two wheels.

Below I present my own method of teaching this skill, step by step. Maybe a similar plan will work for your kids.

I will add that the Older has already been riding a four-wheeled bicycle for two years. A couple of times he got on a balance bike, where the child learns to catch balance, but this equipment passed directly into the hands (or legs) of the Younger Son.

We had the plan to teach our Older to ride a bike on two wheels this year, in the year of his fifth birthday. How to teach kid to ride a bike? Our idea for the beginning was that every few days, he made a few circles around the playground without additional wheels, held by me or her husband with an assistance handle. After that we let him ride freely on four wheels.

And the next day came when I went out with the boys on bikes, planning to train with the handle three circles without additional wheels, and then be free.

There was a terrible heat. And I am not very fit after more than five years of not training any fitness. My condition is poor. As I ran after my son in this heat, I thought I would give up my spirit, that my lungs would come out of me. I could not run the short sections of the route.

I decided that I had to come up with something so that I would not have to run like this 😀 Yes, laziness can be developing. From my laziness, so as not to run after my Son anymore, I began to develop a plan to teach him how to drive on his own.

how to teach kid to ride a bike – step by step

If you don’t know hot to teach kid to ride a bike, first of all, use empathy here. If you’re a woman, you have it in your feminine nature.

So I tried to put myself in my Son’s situation. He already kept his balance on the straight road. I wondered what he might be missing to ride unassisted.

1. step | stopping

If he rode alone on the straight road, I could let him go, but what next? I had to teach him to stop by himself.

I instructed my Son to take legs off from the pedals before the end of the straight road and straightened the legs to sides so that he could rest on the foot when he braked.

First, he practiced stopping while I was holding the handle.

Later, I let him go unassisted a bit before braking and told him when he was about to take his legs off pedals. He mastered it.

Soon I let him go for a long part of the straight road unassisted. He needed just to start with me.

2. step | bends

The Son’s route was a square of pavements around the playground. There were curves. You can not stop your whole life before curves 😉

I thought that my Son would try to get into corners with his legs off the pedals, ready to belay in the event of an imbalance.

Very quickly, almost immediately, he learnt riding on corners.

3. step | starting

We ended the first day of learning in the stage that our Son rode alone, but I helped him start. This was a huge improvement!

However, the next day we both quickly lost patience when I had to go somewhere far away to help him start to go again.

In our case, learning it was the hardest stage of learning.

I showed my Son what is the best position of the pedals to start riding. With time, this knowledge came in handy, but it did not give results right away.

Later I encouraged the Boy to try to start, pushing with his legs, just like on a running bike, and only later to catch the pedals. It’s been a while again. There were nerves, doubts, and questions: Why am I failing?

Most often he managed to move alone on a fragment of the road, which was slightly bent down.

It was a few days of trial before the Older learned to start without help. Sometimes kids know better how to teach kid to ride a bike. They have their own intuition, instincts, ways of thinking and acting. I do not really know how he learned it. When he already started alone, he started by immediately pressing the pedal, without momentum. Here he developed his own method, apparently better than my hints.

And from that moment he rode by himself, without any help. The beautiful thing is that once the kid gets the ability to ride a bike, it does not disappear. The kid does not forget, does not unlearn, the next day they begin learning in the place where it ended yesterday.

Shortly after our Older learned to ride on his own on two wheels, we bought him a large 20″ bicycle, used (good for the planet and finances).

This is a bigger size than the perfect for today for him. But we did not want to take a bike that he would have grown out of after one season. Initially, it was difficult for our Older to move on a large, heavier bike. But since he was already aware that he had not been able to ride two wheels at all and remembered how quickly he had learned, he would not allow himself to whine with a large bicycle, he would only (mostly) patiently try and try to ride without help.

And so, just before the fifth birthday, the next milestone of parents and child is behind us. And it was me, who became the mother of this success, accidentally and out of laziness.

Do you have any other helpful tips on how to teach kid to ride a bike on two wheels?

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