Powerful Practice: Thank Aloud

thank aloud - powerful gratitude practice

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Today I want to share with you a practice that I’ve invented and used in my life for a few months now. I see many positive aspects of this practice and it is as simple as thank aloud.

How to thank aloud?

When something good happens, especially something I wasn’t expecting nor wishing for, something extra, something exceeding my expectations, I say aloud and with a sincere smile: Thank you!

I often say it looking up. I’m thanking the God/Universe/Fate/Life/YouNameIt for what happened.

I say it aloud, it’s my rule. I feel that saying it aloud is much more powerful than only thinking thank you. I show that I’m so grateful and so happy and that I’m not embarrassed for the little happiness which I got in this moment.

For me, saying something aloud is more powerful thank thoughts only, like a written word is stronger than thoughts and plans in our heads.

Yes, it’s possible that other people will hear it.

Yes, it isn’t always comfortable, especially when you’re around people.

But does this discomfort matter compared to love, money, magic, and solutions for problems that came to you unexpected?

I get money – I say Thank you!

My Son wakes up without crying – I say Thank you!

The autumn evening is warm and pleasant – I say Thank you!

I find five rolls in the kitchen where I expected to find only one (and to be forced to go to the shop immediately, in the morning) – I say Thank you for the magic!

Possible positive effects

– By saying thank you we express gratitude, so you can research the positive effects of gratitude and put them here.

– We learn to recognize happy, magical, abundant moments in our lives.

– We become more positive. More cheerful people want to be around us. And the negative people can notice that they have less and less power over us and stop coming to us with their complaints about everything and everyone.

– We love the life and the world more.

– We learn that we expect much good in our lives.

– We open ourselves to receive (it’s a feminine trait).

– If you believe the law of attraction, we attract more happiness in our lives by giving it our attention.

– After some time, we’re open not only to express our gratitude to the God but also to people around us – saying thank you, smiling and being really cheerful after their little acts of kindness.

And much more.

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thank aloud - powerful gratitude practice thank aloud - powerful gratitude practice

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