The Art of Less Doing by Ari Meisel – the course’s review and results

I’ve put the phrase free your time in this blog’s tagline. It’s time to give you a significant bunch of information on this topic. Let’s talk about guidelines included in The Art Of Less Doing, Ari Meisel’s course and in which way they are really changing my life now.

The Art of Less Doing Ari Meisel course

Firstly, I have to say that Ari Meisel’s course is not a brief PDF which you can read in one hour (or scan in ten minutes). It’s about nine hours of videos (plus additional materials) that made me wonder how to actually put it on my week’s schedule. For me, it’s more like a school or university course that we attend by going to a certain place in the evenings or being committed by forthcoming tests. It’s something more serious and in-depth than most of the other online courses I’ve taken.
And the website is really user-friendly. Intuitive to use, without any distractions, showing you other courses that might be interesting for you, but not in a pushy way. It’s just elegant.

who is it for?

The Art of Less Doing is for people who want to work and live more efficiently.

Let’s take my example. I love my work and I want to reduce unliked tasks to the minimum. I want to have a better organization. Who could teach me that? My parents or teachers at school who were raised in the world before computers and the Internet?

Most of today’s adults weren’t taught to manage the flood of emails, to search for information and assess the results and to manage the overload of information, possibilities, and tasks.

Lacks in education are one thing. Another is just our biology. Our brains haven’t evolved to deal with the amount of information, distractions, things, pictures and sounds driving our attention that we encounter today.

Also, people will love the course, who are interested in tech tools to simplify work. During the course, you’ll learn a ton of legit, tested and recommended apps and tasks delegating options.

how to make your work simpler? – tons of tips in the course

Did you know that you’re an expert? You’re unique, your experiences are unique, and so you have unique knowledge and skills. Find those tasks that really only you can do, which are your expertise, your signature, your unique contribution. Find areas where you’re irreplaceable. And let the rest 95% of your tasks be done by technology or by other people.

In the course, Ari Meisel teaches how to make work easier, for example by paring down (minimalism!) unimportant tasks that keep our attention. Then our creative mind (or if you prefer, just the brain), becomes free.

Pare down some tasks from my list? That would involve prioritizing and… 

Yes, to achieve a simple work schedule we have to do a lot of work at first. Just like with physical stuff cluttering our homes. After the course, I’ve reorganized some big spheres of my life and it cost time but it was so worth the results! At the end of this review, I’ll share with you how my life is changing after implementing Ari’s guidelines.

Observe what you do at work, what tasks you need to complete. Write down everything, even those small, little, stupid. Despite appearances, they add up and take a really lot of your time and attention that you could use for the tasks in which you are the expert and that give you money.

And then delete what is pointless and work on simplifying the rest.

Some of the other tips elaborated in the course:

Get rid of stupid to-do lists. Something’s wrong with them. And there’s a more efficient solution to keep our direction towards goals.

Set wise limits for more efficient work (and less stress in life).

– Implement Ari’s easy health improvement tips.

why should we learn to use technologies?

We tend to miss the world before the internet and try to bring it back by doing digital sabbaticals etc. But as I’ve written recently (Would Your Grandma Do Digital Fasts?), the Internet has changed our lives, our world, the way how we pay bills and ask for topography information. So maybe we shouldn’t run away from these technologies but rather learn how to use them efficiently.

what I’ve changed in my life until now after taking the course

By creating what Ari calls an external brain I’ve finally got my notes under control. Before, I had notes on paper, in my iPhone calendar, in many files on my laptop, in WordPress drafts and even as photos or screenshots on my phone. So I’ve always had this terrible feeling that I don’t look at the whole picture, don’t have them all in one place, that I forget about them and not make use of my good ideas. In the course, I’ve found a perfect solution for me. The one, external brain.
And from this, another result arises in my life: ideas flow. I no more get stuck. I can get distracted, but I cannot say that I’ve run out of ideas about what I could do next.
And when I no more get stuck or am chaotic among my ideas and notes, I can plan well how to act and get what I want.
Work is not everything! The course made me finally understand the power of habits. Last month I’ve created not only a better work routine but also my morning bathroom routine (I plan to describe it soon on the blog, so stay in touch).

I plan to come back to this course every time I’m overloaded with things to do.

what does the course include?

23 video lessons (most of them are 20-40 minutes long).

Bonus PDF material.

– You’ll join 6k+ students who have already taken the course and gave it 100% positive reviews (click to see the reviews).

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