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Being interested and gaining knowledge on environmental subjects, it’s easy to become extremely pessimistic about the future of the planet, even about our own future life and health. Tons of chemicals in food and everyday objects, tons of trash, almost everything made of plastic that don’t biodegrade, danger for many species, polluted air, water and soil… So have we already ruined our chances, ruined any hope for the Earth?

Because of knowledge and consciousness, I became hopeless. And many environmentally conscious people live with this hopelessness.

There Is Hope for the Earth - slow and happy blog about eco life

But fortunately, after some time, I realized that there is hope for the Earth! And it’s realistic. And already tested in other subjects. Listen.

Conscious people just have to say loud what needs to change.

It sounds idealistic, but look, it worked in the area of healthy food. Some people gained knowledge and gave it over to others. Many people started looking for products that are low-fat, zero-fat, zero-sugar, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, vegetarian, vegan or not tested on animals.

And producers change to meet those needs. If there is demand, there will be also supply.

It is the truth that in the beginning, only small producers change their offer to meet new needs. But after a time also big brands are forced to make this change. Today in Poland I can buy organic fruits and vegetables and even meat of a free-range chicken in a chain discount supermarket.

Just keep telling loud your needs and then supporting first businesses that decide to make the good change. And, smiling, observe how everything starts to change.

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