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At the beginning of the year, in the middle of winter when we were much more clothes than during summer, I found myself totally overwhelmed by our Boys (aged 1 and 3) clothes. We don’t have many clothes for them. At least I thought so. I buy only a few items a year for the Older when we really feel the need. The Younger has all his clothes after his brother. What I’ve bought specially for him are socks (the fastest items of clothing to get worn out). They also get sometimes clothes as a gift. And we get clothes for the Older from a friend who has a little bigger boy. And it may be where mainly the overwhelm come from! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful that we can get these clothes for our kid. But with full drawers, more shirts that they can wear even if I’d skip doing laundry four times, with all the laundry, hanging, folding, putting back to wardrobe, choosing, looking for, I needed a better solution for their clothes. At the same time with big home decluttering, I’ve decided to build our toddler boys’ capsule wardrobe once again (you can read my advice from my summer experiments here: A Step by Step Guide to Minimizing Your Kids’ Clothes and Making Kids Look the Best Every Day).

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How did the process look like? Very simple!

Steps to create kids’ capsule wardrobe:

1 | Write down on paper how many items of every type of clothing your kid needs (how many trousers, sweaters, socks etc.). Have in mind how often you do your laundry.

2 | Take all your kid’s clothes out (including those waiting for washing or lying in strange places at your home 😉 ).

3 | Make piles of every type of clothing (all short-sleeved tees together, all socks together etc.).

4 | Go through your list and choose clothes that will stay in your kid’s capsule wardrobe, according to the numbers you’ve written. Choose clothes that your kid likes and looks good wearing it, clothes that are comfortable (100% cotton) and easy to maintain (not requiring hand washing nor ironing).

5 | Put back in your kid’s wardrobe only items that you’ve chosen.

6 | And the rest of the clothes? If there’s not too much of them, you can keep them on a high shelf, in a box to be able to replace worn out or destroyed items without shopping.

And below are our numbers.

Our toddler Boys’ capsule wardrobe:

3 pairs of trousers (the Younger has 5 – it’s the time of learning to eat and drink by himself)
5 long-sleeve shirts
2 short-sleeve shirts
2 undershirts
3 thick and light sweaters or sweatshirts
10 pairs of pants (the Younger uses diapers of course)
3 pairs of tights
10 pairs of socks
2 sets of pajamas (the Younger has 3)


winter coat and snow trousers (the Older), winter jacket onesie (the Younger)
2 pairs of trousers
2-3 pairs of gloves
1 hat
1 scarf
1 pair of boots

In total without underwear: 24/25 items for each.

Keeping only a few clothes in kids’ wardrobe. Tidying up their closets. It sounds simple, maybe even funny but it made a lot of my stress go away. I recommend you to try.

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