creating capsule wardrobe for babies

22-Item Toddler Capsule Wardrobe for Summer/Autumn Season

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As a minimalist, I firstly discovered benefits of paring down my own wardrobe to really only essentials. I have a few basic, simple clothes that take little space in our closet. Less stress and better look are the biggest advantages of the decluttering I made. But for a long time, I haven’t applied it to my Boys closets. Until I’ve done and felt so much relief as a mother! Today I’ll show you benefits of tiny wardrobe for kids and tell you what my toddler capsule wardrobe consists of (with numbers).

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toddler and baby capsule wardrobe - benefits and example

Benefits of minimalist kids’ closet

Just imagine how little everyday decisions – what to wear today? which tee? – you’d have if your kid would have only 6 tops (some of them in the laundry).

Imagine how much more space you’d have in your wardrobe if you’d give away clothes that are not liked or never used by your kids.

Imagine how little you’d need to put clothes on their places.

If you don’t know how to declutter your kids’ wardrobe and make your little ones look their best every day, click here for my step by step guide.

I encourage you to do my experiment to declutter kids’ wardrobe. As a result of about two-week observations, you’ll achieve a little number of clothes that your kid likes, needs, uses and looks good wearing it. Don’t worry that you could end up one day with no clean socks because in the experiment we have in mind your usual laundry frequency.

Below I’m sharing with you results of the experiment on my Younger Boy’s wardrobe. And believe me:

Dressing kids have never been so fast, simple and easy for me!

Much less stress for us, mothers!

When I shared here on the blog my first thoughts and photos of my Boys’ tiny closets, you wanted the numbers. As I know that an example of a real person can inspire to good changes (I’ve written more about it here), I made the effort to review once again and write down my Boys’ clothes.

My 1-year old toddler capsule wardrobe

Here is the current state of my kids’ clothes minimalist experiment taken among my Younger Son clothes for seven days. His pieces of clothing are simple, basic, so it’s easy and fast to pick outfits and the experiment really almost discards the what to wear? decision-making.

These numbers of clothes work well for my family. I’m putting them here to give you an example of how a pared-down toddler wardrobe can look like. But these numbers aren’t any rules, they won’t fit every family and aren’t here to show anyone what number of clothes he or she should keep in kids’ wardrobe to call it minimalist or capsule.

It’s just an example to show that toddler capsule wardrobe is doable. It’s my example to inspire you to make changes in your home.

Below the parts of the list, I put some clothes that are the kind I’d pick for my kids. The cut should be comfortable for little human beings and the material is cotton, at least 90%. I’ve described my rules for choosing clothes in this article and some of these points apply especially to kids’ clothing.

All TOPS in my toddler boy’s capsule wardrobe

long-sleeved tees: 2

short-sleeved bodysuits: 2

long-sleeved bodysuit: 1

button-down long-sleeved shirt: 1

rompers: 1

sweatshirt: 1

Toddler's capsule wardrobe: baby boy and girl tops

1. Three pieces set 2. Sweatshirt 3. Rompers 4. Sweatshirt 5. Rompers 6. Dress 7. Top


All BOTTOMS in my toddler capsule wardrobe

long pants: 3 pairs

socks: 7 pairs

Liitle girl and little boy minimalist closet: product collage

1. Two pieces set 2. Trousers 3. Denim pants 4. Organic cotton pants 5. Bib pants 6. Bloomer pants 7. Leggings

My minimalist toddler SLEEPWEAR and OUTERWEAR


2 caps

2 pajamas

Total: 22 items.

Check also what to consider while you shop for kids’ clothes to give them comfort and to avoid excessive work connected with caring for the clothes. Here are my rules for buying clothes that will make you not only choose the best items for your kid but also save your closet’s space, save money, not participate in (not very ethical) consumerism culture and cause a less harmful impact on our planet.

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A full list of toddler capsule wardrobe - only 22 items your baby needs in summer/autumn season! So much less stress for a mother with picking clothes, decision-making, laundry and putting items on their place! Benefits of minimalist wardrobe for kids. Click to read and get to know the exact number!

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