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The registration for A Simple Year 2019 course is open! 🙂 If you feel that you need more space, time and inner peace in your life, check the course here. Let youself be guided by 15 simple living experts through 12 spheres of life, and for each sphere you'll have a full month of knowledge, advice and inspiration.

- With a digital connection, you can join from anywhere in the world.
- At the end of the year, you’ll get lifetime access to the course material.
- 2019 is the last edition of the program.
- Find likeminded people in a private FB group.
- We offer a 30-day refund policy.
- The Simple Year 2019 curriculum and contact if you'd have any additional questions are here.

Here’s an offer for people interested in resources leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Since 2012, Ultimate Bundles has been creating the annual Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, a complete collection of resources to help you:

– prioritize your health and be more consistent,

– implement a wellness lifestyle that’s right for you,

– find easy, real food meal ideas that suit your dietary needs,

– discover strategies for losing weight,

– get your family onboard with healthy eating,

– create a toxin-free home.

Over the years, a crazy number of people (80,000!!!) have invested in themselves by grabbing a copy of the bundle.

And the Ultimate Bundles team finds ways to make it better every year, which means this year’s bundle is the best one yet!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018 means access to:

– 62 eBooks

– 30 eCourses, videos & audio files

– 12 printables & workbooks,

– 2 membership sites

All curated to give you an insanely helpful collection of resources to touch every part of your health journey – at a price that’s too good to miss (less than $30 for resources worth $2,200+).

Will your life ever be completely healthy? Probably not. Will these tools make healthy living a lot easier to figure out? Yes!

Check out the carefully curated Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018 right here: CLICK

And for the first time ever, you also have the option to buy “cheat sheets” with your bundle. With them, you can review all the bundle material in a fraction of the time, and then dive deeper into the topics that interest you the most.

Something for a cleaner life:

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
Alternative health:
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
Something for your kids:

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
The real food:
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
And the recipes:
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Other subjects covered by the bundle include: fitness, home & beauty, natural remedies, gardening, and even homesteading!

Early birds bonus

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

As always with the Ultimate Bundles, you have a 30-day happiness guarantee (money refund if you don’t like the product).

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