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As a minimalist, I’m cutting the number of my possesions, the amount of things to do etc. The same way I try to treat my phone. I want my phone to be a tool serving me, and not stealing my time and energy. Let’s look how I use my iPhone as a minimalist today.


Apps I use

Phone and mesages.

I clear phone history when I remeber to do it. I delete all messages that doesn’t inculde information that I want to use in the future. In practice, for the most of time, I keep only conversation with my husband (but not all texts, just the important ones).

This article contains affiliate links.

Camera and photos.

I’m not a photo-freak nor selfie-freak. I was never attracted by the ability to share moments from my life with family nor strangers. I was never attracted by the ability to build my image by taking extraordinary photos, showing my ideal life.

I take a few photos in a week. I delete most of them later. I’ve never was a fan of keeping million not never watched photos on computer or online drives. I regularly use print screen option.


I use them daily, because I switch mobile data on only when I’m going to use internet.


It’s a place when I save some ideas and my future appointments or other dutied that I have to do in far future.


I use Pages to write blog posts. I prefer it to WordPress, because it doesn’t require using internet and I avoid wifi, phone and other waves as much as possible. I like that I can easily see word count in this app.


I copy texts from Pages to WordPress or write quickly directly in WordPress, when I have a good idea during a day. (Usually I switch my laptop on only in the evening, when children sleep.)

Instagram, Later and Google Drive

Recently I’m active on Instagram. I schedule my photos in Later and I use Google Drive to copy photos from my computer to [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NQGP42Y” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]my iPhone*[/easyazon_link].


I’m starting to learn it, because I’ve never understood its fame. I’ve never got addicted to it. I’m curious if our relationship will develop now, when I want to understand it.


To get information (blogs) and sometimes also amusement (blogs 😉 ).

Rarely used apps


I’ve bought one ebook in some format that I hate, because it’s completely incomfortable: it can be opened only in this one app.


My husband has studied computer technologies and has set something like server and drive for us. With this app I connect with the drive where I save mainly photos and a few files that are important to be saved but don’t need to be used on a regular basis.

Folder Extras.

There are apps that cannot be deleted and a few that I use very rarely: my bank, calculator, voice recorder, skype and iBooks.

Phone I use is [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NQGP42Y” locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]iPhone 6*[/easyazon_link].

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