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8 tried and true uses of coconut oil

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For five years I always have a jar of coconut oil at home. It’s healthy (antibacterial) in the kitchen and can replace many body care products. There are plenty of articles about uses of coconut oil – listing more than a hundred of them. But probably the day is too short to make use of every healthy idea. See how I use coconut oil in practice.

Uses of coconut oil among toiletries

1 | Coconut oil as toothpaste

I’m brushing teeth only with coconut oil for more than four years. I feel great about it.

Firstly, it’s 100% natural. I don’t put any chemicals into my mouth.

Secondly, coconut oil is the only ingredient I use so it’s simple.

Thirdly, the health of my teeth is the same or better, compared with using shop toothpaste.

What is more, my teeth are now whiter (I can compare them with fillings made a few years ago).

I’ve written more about my reasons, experiences, and advice in the articles:

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2 | Coconut oil for baby’s skin in the diaper area

When our Older Son’s skin started to be red or sometimes just for skin protection, I applied coconut oil on that area. I didn’t want to put any chemicals (even those nicely called cosmetics) on my baby’s skin.

Use coconut or other oil, or shea butter instead of any skin cream, lotion, balm or moisturizer.

Use potato flour instead of any diaper area powder with a long list of strange ingredients.

Learn to care of the diaper area without wet wipes, soaked in chemicals. It’s simple and easy!

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Did you know that Johnson’s&Johnson’s cosmetics caused death and it’s proven in a court?

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3 | Coconut oil as body cream/balm/lotion

If I want to take care of my skin or simply to treat myself, I apply coconut oil.

4 | Coconut oil as sunscreen

It has a natural low SPF sun protection filter. For a couple of years, in the summer when I was going on an average walk, being mostly in shadow, coconut oil was what I chose for my and our Boys’ skin. It was surely enough for us.

Update: now I almost don’t use sun protection. High fat, animal diet really helps to prevent skin sunburn. I applied oil only when we were on the beach.

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5 | Coconut oil as a makeup remover

If I put makeup on my face on a given day, in the evening I put some coconut oil on a reusable cotton pad. It works just perfect for removing my (non-waterproof) mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and concealer.

It doesn’t irritate the skin, even around eyes and doesn’t leave any artificial substances on the skin. On the contrary, using coconut oil as makeup remover we can enjoy all the benefits of the oil’s effect on the skin and lashes.

6 | Coconut oil as an ingredient of the most healthy and eco-friendly deodorant

For years I had a problem with intensive sweating. Deodorants and antiperspirants, even strong, from shops or chemist couldn’t help me.

They didn’t work and they were harming my body (chemicals again, cancer risk again, aluminum, breasts are near, think about it).

Now I mix coconut oil with baking soda (1:1) and put in the morning on my clean skin. It works better for me than shop deodorants. And it doesn’t cause the odor which you smell after a whole day when you use regular deodorant.

Uses of coconut oil in the kitchen

7 | Coconut oil as the only fat I fry on

Being interested in healthy eating, I know that today’s researches say that only coconut oil and lard are good for frying. And it’s better not to fry.

Update: now I use ghee or lard to fry.

8 | Coconut oil as a healthy addition to meals

I don’t like the taste of unrefined coconut oil. Many people say they love this taste. For me eating one spoon of the oil is unpleasant.

But I’ve learned to mix it with beverages or food. For example, I drink cocoa with coconut oil (it’s my idea for a beverage to replace coffee).

And what is absolutely tasty is coconut oil applied on cheesecake!

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I hope this article gave you some ideas on how to use coconut oil in your life and live healthier.

Important: when buying coconut oil, choose cold-pressed and unrefined like this one: