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mini art: Walks in Nature aka Forest Bathing with Kids

This series of mini arts was meant to catch and save my thoughts from the week that is ending. But last week things happened that kept me busy with what’s going on outside the home or inside our bodies, so no thoughts this time 😉 Just a report from my week, including photos from our walks in nature and my capsule wardrobe at the end.

To start with, at the time when spring begins we had a winter coming back and probably more snow than on any day during the proper winter. It lasted a few days, so there was no chance to hide from it with kids at home. So here is the winter in the city, on a playground:

Then, Younger got high temperature, so we stayed home again.

Two little, very energetic boys at home for longer than two days… I just had to go out with them. In the morning, before going to work, my Husband told me: Don’t go out with them.

Hmm. But there is such a thing as mother’s intuition. There’s such a thing as mother’s mental health. Not killing your kids is also a thing we should fight for 😉

So I googled something like kid high temperature going out. And I did it in English because in my country I have the impression that when you just start typing my kid…, search engines tell you: immediately go to the doctor! I had such experience with a few symptoms before. In Polish I got the answer go to the doctor now and in English: it’s normal, it can happen, everything’s ok, observe.

It’s another reason why it’s worth to learn foreign languages. Language is not only words. You get entrance to other culture, another way of looking at the same world.

So I read that it’s ok to go out when a kid has a high temperature but is not exhausted.

I knew that for a long, long time I was too lazy to go farther than on our estate. But I also remembered that I know the power of nature. I’ve observed that city is tiring people: bodies and minds. And walks in nature load our batteries, reset our minds, relieve our bodies from stress. We need surrounding ourselves with nature just like we need vitamins, water, and sleep.

So let’s go to the late winter forest.

The road:

forest winter

And the majestic trees:

walking in nature

And the path:

forest bathing

Let’s search for something

walks in nature - forest bathing with kids, simple life

And further:

walks in nature - forest bathing with kids, simple life

And here they are! First ladybirds this year! While the snow is still there.

first ladybird and snow - early spring

There was more of them.

first ladybird and snow - early spring

And on the next, cloudy day we’ve made a walk in another part of the forest. Frozen wetlands.

slow and happy blog about simple life, minimalism, motherhood, nature lover (7)

One more advantage of the English language: the phrase forest bathing!

What’s more in our family? My Husband was preparing for the Sunday marathon, asking me kindly to prepare millet with fruits and honey for breakfasts and lot of beetroot juice for him (I’m the expert in juices for better blood quality because of my fight with anemia).

And here are my outfits from the last week. Capsule wardrobe in practice. Leggings on the stay-at-home days with the sick Younger. And my Husband’s jumper on a day when my both sweaters were still wet after washing (the power of borrowing!)

week minimalist capsule wardrobe example on slow and happy blog

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