Want It Do It! Attitude - conscious life (1)

Want It? Do It! Attitude Learned from Years of Conscious Living

We have so many wants. We want so many changes in our lives. We dream of a better look, tidier homes, more organized work, better relationships, less bad habits. We dream of travels, adventures and baking breath-taking birthday cakes. And what we tend to do when we want a certain change in our lives? We start researching, reading to find shortcuts. And too often we get trapped in the research and thoughts, instead of just taking action. An action which often would give better results, even if what we’d do and how we’d do it wouldn’t be perfect. Today I encourage you to implement the Want it? Do it! attitude.

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Want It Do It! Attitude - conscious life (1)

Recently, observing just myself, the patterns of how I spend my time and how much and on what type of things I get distracted, I became aware that we tend to spend too much time on looking for advice, tips, and mostly: shortcuts.

The Want it? Do it! attitude

We need to do our work. Or we want to prepare these home-made zero-waste cleaning products (my plan for this year!). And instead of starting doing it with the experience that we have or using fast to find knowledge and recipes, we often dive for hours on different websites, looking for magical shortcuts.

But I see from my experience that there is no magic. Doing things isn’t always easy and nice. But if you want it to be done – do it. Don’t waste time on thinking how to make it easier.

Don’t confuse research with actually doing the task. Give yourself time for doing.

What led me to these reflections

On the one side it was practice – life lessons summed up in my birthday article. On the other side, I’ve found a phenomenally powerful quote by Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL, published in Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans:

If you want to be tougher, be tougher.

I think we can develop this hint and use it to get almost all desired things. Let’s start:

Do you want to have a tidy, maybe even minimalistic home? – Tidy up!

Do you want to run regularly? – Run!

Do you want to lose weight? – Eat less.

Do you want to earn from your hobby? – Just start, create and learn on the way!

What would you add? Tell me in comments.

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