A Week with Homepreschooled Toddlers

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This week my three Men washed and cleaned, and vacuumed our car so that it’s pleasant and comfortable to ride for the Mom.

Little helpers:

Sometimes I feel like a queen among them (sometimes like a servant though).

/Having written the words like a servant I got caught in mom-duties so that I continue to write this article the next day when Boys are again out with my Husband./

Again, we visited our forest. There, we’re going to the birch, Mom, right? The birch is two parts of the fallen (or rather cut) trunk of the tree. Boys jump on it and from it and cry when I decide to go further or back after more than half an hour of such a play.

And it wasn’t the end of the week. There was also the International Children’s Day. This year we asked our extended family for no gifts for kids (read my article Gift-Giving Rules to Limit Kids’ Stuff to see why and how).

Instead, we managed to give our little Boys a day of fantastic experiences. No, there was no adredaline, no bungee jumping, no Disney crowds, no plastic-plastic.

It was a lovely afternoon on the countryside garden and farm, giving Boys activities that they don’t experience every day.

Experiences and time spend together are usually worth much more than any item-gifts.

Soon, I’ll publish the photostory from that day. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe for email notifications.

And my capsule wardrobe from that week. Just a few photos because we were visiting family for multiple days who doesn’t have a big mirror 😉

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