Weekly Schedule of a Working at Home Mom: Body Care and Home Duties

To be honest, I almost never developed any habits in my personal life. Or I created one but couldn’t stick to it for a reasonable period of time, after which I’d built a habit and see its benefits. I acted spontaneously. No home cleaning schedule, no laundry days, no meal planning. It changed and now I’m slowly developing my schedule of working at home mom.

The Art of Less Doing, a course by Ari Meisel, encouraged me to try building schemes in my life to free my mind from too much thinking and from too much decision making. And these schemes in personal life aren’t less important than in work. Personal life affects our mood, our well-being and they are also a part of how we perform our work tasks.

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weekly schedule of a working at home mom

Besides starting to build my work procedures, I started to structure some small tasks, including my body care and care for kids and home.

Here is what I started with and what I stick to for a month and more.


body care + kids: nail clipping

home: dark laundry


home: hand washing laundry


body care: painting nails, coconut oil soaking, ears cleaning

kids: ears cleaning

home: sewing (if needed; my Younger toddler boy + learning to walk = new knee-holes every 3 days)


body care: shaving

me + kids: new pajamas


body care: using coconut oil + baking soda as a toothpaste 2x (on other days I use only coconut oil as a toothpaste)

home: new towels, new kitchen clothes (kitchen clothes serve us also as boys’ bibs)


body care: washing mouth with hydrogen peroxide (to kill bacteria, and as a side effect, whiten teeth a bit)

home: color laundry

the benefits

I don’t care how stupid the nail clipping day sounds. I only know and feel fantastic with the fact that on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, … I don’t have to think about Boys’ nails’ state nor check them. On those days I’m sure that nail clipping is not among my tasks this day! It frees my mind, it lets me think less. I don’t have to control so many things nor to make decisions, nor to react.

Remember – and it’s my this years’ discovery:

Planning and doing (acting) is always better than reacting to circumstances and situations that emerge during our inactivity.

Create your days instead of leaving this to others.

the important rule while building habits

It’s easy to take too much on yourself when you’re planning, writing to-do lists or creating New Year’s resolutions. Starting this new habit and building my weekly schedule, I paid attention to start small. Because when you take too much on yourself, it’s easier to fail and give up the new, potentially beneficial habit.

Especially stay at home mom’s shouldn’t pack tasks for every minute of the day. It’s because we have to react to many unplanned, sudden situations – current kids’ needs.

I plan to add more tasks to the schedule, especially home duties that I want to do once a month.

In the same way, I have built also my simple morning routine which I plan to share with you in another article.


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