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Go Minimalist

40 printable pages to help you turn minimalist inspirations into action and a real change in your life.

Are you wondering how to translate these pictures of clean interiors and these lists of benefits of simple living into your own life? The Go Minimalist Workbook will guide you in making changes by offering you proven, simple methods.

You can simplify your life by taking small but specific steps.

Minimalism, family and other stories.

If you value simplicity, nature, family, Human, home and common sense, you’re in the right place 🙂

Here, you can find inspiration and specific methods to simplify your life. You can read about the experiences and thoughts of a Woman similar to you.

Sometimes we push forward as planned, sometimes we delight in looking at a drop of dew. We have our ups and downs, hills and valleys, poop and flowers. As in Life.

If you look at Life in a similar way, make yourself comfortable and stay with us for longer:

Printables Slow and Happy blog
Minimalism Slow and Happy blog
Slow and Happy blog by a minimalist mom

The author

Ula. A more and more feminine woman. The wife to one (and the best!) Husband, and mom to two energetic Boys (5 and 3 years old). Homemaker and blogger.

The minimalist mom.

Learning to create a warm Home and listen to her intuition.

My motivation and story

I try to make my life and everyday choices reflect my priorities, my system of values. And the most important for me is freedom, family and … peace of mind.

In the search for this freedom, as well as time and attention for the family, and the calm mind, I began to practice minimalism and simple life. I became interested in natural methods of staying healthy to take care of my family in the best possible way. I even learned to take care of our home! And I share many of my discoveries on how to create a peaceful family life on this blog. Slowly.

Are you interested in the minimalist lifestyle but don’t know exactly where to start, how to turn this inspiration into real action?

Get yourself the Go Minimalist Workbook, print it out, follow the steps and… do your part!

The workbook is based on my 9+ years of practicing minimalism and finding out (and constantly improving) my own methods to simplify life for good.

Go Minimalist - Plan and Live Your Simple Life Workbook