What Does a Minimalist Buy? February’s Report

It’s the second report of the What Does a Minimalist Buy? series. To know why I publish my expenses, go to the January’s report.

Below I share my family purchases from February, not including bills, food, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads and my husband’s items.

What does a minimalist buy? February

new things

for the home

ENTRY PHONE (the old one wasn’t working) with a discount of -60% off the promotional price. How? Banal. We paid so much, buying the device and installing it with the help of my Husband and the Older Son instead of paying a company who could replace it. I do not mind spending money on services, but this time it was fun to save money because the contribution of work and time was almost zero.

for myself

2 RAZORS. Yes, over a year I used such eco, metal, razor blades. More about this choice in the article All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries. However, I had the impression that disposable ones are more pleasant to use. I healed myself from a religious approach to ecology. I look for information, I consider changes, I try. Some of the changes remain with me, others simply not. Being eco-friendly is not number one on the list of my values. It’s on a further place.

SHOELACES. After breaking off one I could use it as a pretext to exchange shoes for new ones. But I’ve replaced the laces.

PAJAMA PANTS. I was looking for the whole pajama, but the stores are not much changed and still, my attitude to the range of pajamas in stores is like: Hey, why don’t people have more kids over here? – Just go and look at the pajamas at stores. The husband said these pants are sexy, and he said it ironically, in the sense that they weren’t at all! In fact, these will serve me as pants for evening work, after taking a shower, and before hiding under a warm duvet.

5 DRESSES. Ok, I have the impression that you need an explanation from me. Not that I had to explain myself, but because you may not know how it is in my wardrobe now, in my life and why I have got the five dresses. Expect an essay soon in this matter. Here it is.

for kids

4x BOXERS, 4 PAIRS SOCKS, 1 TOP for the Older.

2x SUSPENDERS for Boys. The first ones were destroyed due to a creative use in play. They were pulling a big car.

3 CARS for Sons. Two were the initiative (or, oh, softness) of Husband, so I will not comment. And the first is my first serious fight with advertising addressed to children in order to divorce parents with a part of their wallets. And it was like this:

– I’m going to the shop to buy socks and panties for the Older. – I told my Husband on his free day.

– Take him with you. – I did not plan it that way, but let it be. It’s actually his socks. In fact, the Older is always nicer to manage than the Younger. Let it be.

We chose panties, socks, an undershirt. I went to search for pajamas. The Older found between shelves the shelves with toys. I hadn’t planned it. He caught something, perhaps the first thing he saw:

– Mama, will we buy it? – maybe it was even WITHOUT the question mark.

Hey, it’s me, the minimalist mom, conscious of all (ok, just many) market tricks, so of course, we will not buy.

It took some time to find things for me. The issue with the toy was so big and loud that I felt ashamed in the store, and I would be ashamed to write about it.

We are homo sapiens and we have coded in our brains not to miss any blueberry that our eye will catch. Or egg. And going fast from nature to culture: people always liked curiosities, and always liked to collect. In times when there was almost nothing to collect and peculiarities were rare – that was ok. Today, marketers use this human code consciously. They put everything in front of our eyes and yes, we want it all, often I feel it too. Adults can be aware of mechanism like that and try to act based on reason, not instincts. But kids aren’t developed to stand up to these tricks.

I know very well that in most cases the kid quickly forgets about a toy or other thing that he asked for, to buy or bring from the basement (is it only me who keeps the excess of toys in the basement?). So we agreed that if in three days he would still want this toy (in the sense he will remember and ask me), we will buy it. I suspected the chance was one in a thousand that he would remember. And yet he remembered. I have fulfilled my part of the contract and this is how we have another car at home.

And as for one-thousand-chances: Have you ever had a trouser string screwed into a washing machine (where the drum is attached) so that it required a plumber’s intervention? I have done it. Now I have much stress, washing anything that has strings. Strings tied open during washing, so this is no method. In order not to stress, I put all such clothes with into a laundry bag or, if they do not fit in a bag, into a pillowcase.

consumable items

SUPLEMENT D3 + K2, which I started to take (kids too) about three years ago to improve the dental health. But these vitamins have much more benefits.

SALINE for some eye symptoms. If you live simply and the pharmacist tells you that you may use saline, or you may use some droplets, you take the simple option, choose the non-marketed thing. You buy saline. And pay seventy cents.

Wait for a few words about the five dresses. [update: the essay is here]. In order not to miss the text, I recommend subscribing for e-mail notifications (only info about the new article, no spam, ads or private letters).