What Does a Minimalist Buy January's Report - minimalism in practice

What Does a Minimalist Buy? January’s Report

Welcome to a new series of short articles, summing up my monthly purchases: What Does a Minimalist Buy? I’ve often written on this blog that real people’s stories and people’s lives’ examples are what really pushes us to make changes in our lives. I actually started decluttering after I’ve found out that there are people who have done it and aren’t considered completely crazy or anti-social 😉

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While the theory of minimalist living may seem attractive, many people would rather see minimalism in practice: how trivial, everyday life details can look like when you choose to live a simpler life. I track my expenses since years with our family budget, so I can easily check what I’ve bought in a certain month and give you a glimpse into buying habits of a minimalist woman.

So here I give you my example. I live a more and more simpler life for about six years now, not without making mistakes. Not even without wanting to get off this path.

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Here is how also your life may look like when you’d stop living up to other people’s – and media’s, and advertisement’s – expectations.

I try not to purchase unnecessary items. Why?

– to avoid adding clutter to my home,

– to avoid giving my space, time and attention (care) to items that aren’t serving me,

– to be as eco-friendly as I can, which means avoiding buying unnecessary products and avoid the packaging waste,

– to use my money consciously,

– because I’m aware that the use of many purchases ends with the burst of dopamine connected with getting the item.

I present our family expenses except for bills, food, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads and my Husband’s personal items.

What does a minimalist buy? January 2018 report

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new things

A PLAIN NOTEBOOK with a red cover for me (similar here). I bought planning to stick to the habit of morning pages described in The Artist’s Way. I use it also for other types of notes because it’s my only analog notebook. I have also a small weekly calendar but I use it only to write down the most important tasks for the current week.

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A LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER in a neutral, natural color (similar here). We haven’t used liquid soap in the bathroom but I decided to make and use Marseille liquid soap (just grate Marseille bar soap, combine it with warm water, mix and add more soap or water until you’ll like the texture). The Marseille liquid soap is surely my success in my plan to live more eco-friendly in 2018.

Eco and money-saving tip!

If you’re planning a bigger purchase of an item that you’d use very rarely (like a hand drill or camping equipment, or wedding guest bag) or about which you’re not sure if it will suit you (like starting a new hobby or sport) and if you live in the US or UK, go to Fat Lamathe Airbnb for stuff and look for an item to borrow. (You can also make money lending belongings which you don’t use often).


VITAMINS K2 + D3 to improve our teeth and bones’ health.

COCONUT OIL which we use in the kitchen, as a toothpaste (more about this here), for oil pulling, on skin instead of creams, balms, lotions and on our toddler’s diaper area.

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VINEGAR helping me in home cleaning. It’s excellent for windows, glass, and mirrors.

BAKING SODA which makes a half of my natural, simple, home-made deodorant (the other half is coconut oil) and serves me in eco-friendly home cleaning.

MARSEILLE SOAP which we use because it’s a natural soap (opposite to many detergents called soaps), made of just a few ingredients and healthy for the skin. As I’ve written above, it’s possible to turn it into liquid soap.

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