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What Does a Minimalist Buy? March’s Report

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March was a good month when we did only necessary purchases. Below I present our family (of four) expenses except for bills, food, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads and my Husband’s personal items. If you want to know more about the series What Does a Minimalist Buy?, like why it’s worth to try buying less, go to the January’s report.

minimalist monthly shopping report (1)

What does a minimalist buy? March 2018 report

new things

1 PAIR OF TIGHTS because, unfortunately, as every minimalist knows, things need things, so if I bought five dresses, I need tights. Old pairs got holes.



BABY TODDLER CARRIER for the Younger. I needed a more comfortable carrier than the one we have. I looked for a carrier with a waist belt. It’s made of a material similar to baby woven wraps but it’s faster to put on. It’s 100% cotton. I hope it’ll help us with the Younger during our summer holidays. And the old one is prepared to be sold.

minimalist monthly shopping report (1)



LIQUID SOAP Ok, it comes out that sometimes I’m too lazy busy engaged with the Boys and home chores to grate my favorite and so good for the skin Marseille soap.

HAND CREAM mainly for the Younger’s legs. You got it.

SALINE for the Older’s eyes.

ADHESIVE PLASTER bought thinking ahead of our summer holidays or other Boys’ summer adventures.

COTTON PADS (like for makeup removing) used by my Husband to clean his phone after work. You got it.

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