Slow and Happy: What to blog about? Blogger, don't forget to live

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Hey, blogger! Do you suffer lack of inspiration for your articles subjects? If you have no idea what to blog about, it’s possible that you’ve forgotten… to live!

If you want, blogging can be very demanding. It can be a full-time job (with lots of overtime!) with many different tasks to do. Keywords, seo, photos, caring about your community…

This article contains affiliate links.

But look. If you do this tasks for the whole day, the only things that you can write about are: keywords, seo, photos, caring about your community… Or you can be a copywriter, researching any subject on the web and writing texts based on this information that is already easily accessible on the web.

If you want your blog to be original, attention-grabbing, alive, real, attractive, engaging, making people interested or even addicted to your writing

remember to live!

Go out. Experience. Try. Do. Think. Observe.

You need to have something to write about. And this something will be more attractive if you’ll get it from the world from outside of our screens.

What to blog about?

Places, activities, games, stories about people you’ve met.

What and how you’ve seen. What you think.

If you don’t know how to make your blogging a pleasure and not a tiring duty, read my book A Little Guide to Slow Blogging: Or How to Find Your Blog and Life Balance.


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