ideas what to do with kids at home when it's raining

12 Non-Obvious Activities to Do with Kids at Home When It’s Raining

Staying with kids at home, especially when it’s a European (meaning: small) apartment and especially with kids that are full of energy, can be hard. And imagine it a few days in a row, when it’s a rainy, autumn weather. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out when it’s raining. And sometimes it rains so strong that you’ll be all wet after two seconds outside. What to do with kids at home? How to survive a few days at home with toddlers? I’ll try to give you some ideas, physical and educational activities. The first and the last one are my favorites!

What are your ways to survive with little ones a whole day at home?

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12 ideas what to do with kids at home, for example when it's raining. Physical activities and ideas for lazy parents too ;) Something creative, something educational, something developing, something to burn kids' energy. Click to read the article! #whattodowithkids #motherhood #kidsathome #parenting #motherhood


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What to do with kids at home on a rainy day?

1 | Dance!

We have our favorite auditions or youtube playlists with very positive, energetic music. This way I gain 3 benefits:

– set us in a good mood,

burn my Boys’ energy,

– care about mom’s physical condition 😉


2 | Do the laundry together.

I know. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be fun. But when you observe your little ones enjoying observing what you do, wanting to help, to hold the shower to pour water to a laundry wash basin, you can think of making a play out of it. Let them pick clothes (light, or black, or colors) and give them to you or put into the washing machine. Let them pour the water in and out of the wash basin if you do hand washing. Show them which buttons to push to turn on the washing machine. And then, hang your clothes to dry together.

You can make fun out of other home duties like dishwashing, vacuum cleaning, etc. Depends on what you need or on your creativity 😉

3 | Roll around on the bed.

Or better: a mattress.

I’ve written about how a mattress works for our family in the article about co-sleeping with kids in practice.

Kids (and boys for sure!) need a way to burn their energy. When we have a day at home, they cannot just run and get tired on the fresh air with a lot of movement and a lot of sensations and experiences.

So roll around and cuddle at home. Tickle and laugh to get a good portion of dopamine and endorphins. It is so important, especially on cloudy days, when we don’t get vitamin D (another substance helping us to keep a positive mood) with the sun.

4 | Make use of an indoor playground.

Again: energy-burning activity. Moreover, it fits perfect to my favorite philosophy of parenting, idle parenting, described in Tom Hodgkinson’s The Idle Parent book. It’s not (only) about being a lazy adult. It’s about simple living and not letting parents to get flooded and irritated by big amounts of ugly and stupid plastic toys. It’s about using simple items, nature, our own bodies and creativity to play, to have fun. Both kids and parents.

See indoor playgrounds by an experienced company.

Read my article about decluttering toys.

how to burn kids' energy at home - indoor playgrounds us

5 | Play with blocks.

It’s a kind of play that both kids and parents can find interesting. Everyone gets ideas, thinks about achieving a goal (I’ll build a plane, or a truck, or a garage!), plans, builds… It can be even silent in the room for a longer period of time!

6 | Play with words.

Teach kids new words or train proper pronunciation. But not for too long. Then rhyme, joke or even…

7 | Sing.

Most of us have probably forgotten this skill. We listen to other people singing kids’ song on our iPads. It is sad. Let’s sing! Even non-existing songs with words being phrased in the time of singing. Even if our voices aren’t suitable to be heard by masses. Let’s be imperfect, let’s be ourselves, let’s start where we are with what we have.

8 | Read.

But try to make it not tiring or uncomfortable for you. I often choose for my Boys books in subjects that interest me (for example ecology) or written in such a way that can excite me or teach me something I haven’t known (for example history of cars).

Look for kids’ books by age.

what to do with kids at home when it's raining

9 | Bake an easy dessert.

And the word easy is the more important, the younger your kids are.

10 | Do nothing.

Yes, yes, yes! What to do with kids at home? Do nothing. It’s not easy to do nothing when you’re a toddler boy. But if you’re a parent… Try. Lay on the bed or couch. Start doing nothing. Maybe kids will join you. Or they’ll find what to do.

11 | Sleep.

Often rainy or just cloudy days are connected with a lower atmospheric pressure that makes people feel sleepy. Use it!

12 | Let them take care of themselves.

Take time for yourself. Do your things or do nothing. Let kids play alone, let them eat easy snacks, fruits or other things that don’t require your attention. Let your kids spend time using their imagination and choosing what to do by themselves. They’ll learn independence, self-reliance, and creativity. If you don’t understand such philosophy of parenting, I highly recommend you to read The Idle Parent by one of my absolute favorite writers, Tom Hodgkinson.

ideas what to do with kids at home when it's raining

Are you a parent, an aunt, a nanny? What are your ideas what to do with kids at home on a rainy day? Do you have any always working parenting secrets in this subject?

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