mini art: when you have a bad day (remember this one rule)

When you have a bad day… I had one today. Not the worst, but in a huge part – bad.

Most causes for it were in my head, maybe in my surroundings – in the everyday cindition that I have, not in particular situation. Nothing bad happened.

The sun was shinig, but the mood was low.

You know: the kids, long-hours working husband, no family here, an introvert alone with kids.

Sometimes I have perfect days when me, and Boys, and my Husband are satisfied, happy, together or doing fascinating things alone, everybody’s needs met. Sometimes it just happens, sometimes it’s my organization and planning skill.

Sometimes there are days when it’s just ok.

And sometimes… everybody can feel overwhelmed. I woke up feeling weaker than Younger’s screams, weaker than their both shouting, just weak and tired, needing some kind of 3-month vacation for moms in a quiet, healthy environment, with no need to please anyone… (or just silence at home?).

It can happen to everyone from time to time, especially when you’re working at work or are on duty as a parent for more than 8 hours a day 5 days a week…

the rule to remember when you have a bad day

I hope that you’re not as depressed that you would think that this bad day is a normal day and that no better days will come.

So having in mind that this is just one worse day (or just a half of day!), remember to not think too much about the future, to not make big decisions or new plans.

Plan and decide on the next day when you’re mind will come back to a more normal state. Making decisions from the state of despair, powerlessness and hopelessness rather can’t bring anything good.

Just go through your bad day.

Accept it, be aware of what it is (one day of a worse mood) and what it isn’t (permanent state).

If kids or other interruptions or heavy issues keep jumping on your head, try to get out, breathe the fresh air and let the sun kiss you. Or make a lazy day, staying in pajamas and eating something easy, not healthy.

Or try to gently redirect the day and your mood. Turn on positive music which makes you smile and want to dance. Dance, drink and eat what you like, watch a nice movie. Try to go to bed without anger, without the feel of no hope or despair.

A few reminders:

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