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Do you use store windows cleaner, because your mom had used, because everyone use, because you got used to? This is normal. In our world, this is the default setting that we don’t even think about. But if you aspire like me to live a better life through living of more and more consciously – we will right now reflect on these windows cleaners and… vinegar uses and advantages.

This article contains affiliate links.

I am planning my windows washing and I know that I do not want to use a typical chemical liquid from a shop. Such cleaner contains strong substances, which no one has tested for their effect on our health. If the manufacturer has spend a lot of money on research, it was marketing research: which colour or smell sales better. I do not want my skin to have contact with these substances. I do not want to breathe them.

If I do not need the cleaner, I am also happy that I do not pay for these coloured liquids, adding another silly plastic bottles to global unimaginable amount of waste. Undegradable rubbish.

Quick recall of natural cleaning methods gave me the result:


I had concerns because natural methods do not always work the first time. As many people – I know it from your comments – for years I am looking for a natural method for washing hair, that would give the desired effect. And I still have not found.

In the case of doing laundry, I needed several years to find natural alternative to laundry detergents and softeners. An alternative that gives desired effect: clothes are clean and does not smell bad.

Knowing that, I have firstly done the test for this vinegar solution on small surfaces (not whole windows): the sample were bathroom mirrors and a glass shelf.

Vinegar as eco-friendly and simple windows cleaner – instructions:

As sweet lazy slow life type I have not checked the recommended amount of vinegar. I poured a little vinegar to a bowl of warm water, soaked a cloth in it and washed my mirrors and the glass shelf. After some time, when there were still small drops on the surfaces, I wiped them with a dry cloth.

And I’ll tell you that these surfaces look brilliant! Certainly not worse than after using store cleaners, and this is what I was frankly worried.

Why had no one told me that one of vinegar uses is brilliant windows cleaner?!

The effect is 100% satisfying.

Vinegar is a natural substance that does not harm our health or the environment. So:

– I’m not afraid that I breathe it.

– I’m not afraid to touch it.

– I’m not afraid that after rinsing the cloth vinegar’s leftovers may remain in the bathtub, in which I wash my child (and myself!) – In the case of domestos I would be horrified.

– I have no reason to feel guilty about what goes by pipes from my house back to the ground.

– Vinegar is sold in glass bottles (plastic cap is not perfect but it is still less than the entire plastic bottle with huge dispenser).

– Vinegar is cheap.

You can produce it at home, eg. from apples.

Vinegar uses at home are almost uncountable. It removes limescale from bathroom and kettle. I use it also to soak fruits and vegetables before eating to remove bacteria.

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