The trinity of reasons for leaving Europe now.

Since a few weeks I’m talking loud that in one year I’ll be living on other continent. I’ve got a plan how to achieve it. We’ll see if it would be possible in one year time.

But why, why, why? To give anyone a short answer I’ve collected my real dozens of reasons into three groups.


Now I don’t like winter. And winter became the word I use to describe a half of a year, even fall and most of spring.

And who says it it’s me. Me, who has studied Finnish philology! Yes, I wanted to move to Finland – the Scandinavian country with its snow, raindeers and Santa.

But today I’m a mother. Putting clothes at three people (two of which are baby and toddler) is how the hell looks like!

I’d love to spend time outside with my children. But the first task of putting clothes, while getting hot and sweating, then carrying them and then… cry or need to change diaper…

No, thanks. I’m a fan of making life simple. I could come back here. With children who put clothes on by themselselves.


I’m a entrepreneur. A business person. I buy, sell, do services, do marketing to get customers, care about clients after the purchase, give warranties, know the law, pay taxes, work, work, develop…

Giving money to people who do nothing is for me unjust.

And Europe is developing towards functioning like USRR. Governments and people care about getting pension, money for having children, more and more holidays and other examples of security… that is illusion. Because in maximum 50 years even the countries with biggest economies in Europe won’t have money to pay pensions. The system is not working…

… and it shouldn’t be working – that’s my opinion!

Socialism is a situation where we let people stay irresponsible children, holding mummy’s skirt.

Children complain to mother or teacher: He hit me! She took my toy!

Adults keep complaining. To governments, departments and other authorities: The shop refuses to take back sock I’ve been using for one and a half year! I have children, give me money! I am ill, give me money!

And when state interferes with our lives so much there are situations when the court can take away parental rights… after an anonymous neighbour has called police because there were noise in an apartment (= really BAD mother).

No, thanks. I want no help from the state, but I want to be free.


Yhmm… I live in Poland. Before 1989 we were a country under USRR rule. We’re not far from Russia. Ukraine, which is now in war with Russia, is our neighbour counrty. Moreover, Russia has an exclave on the Baltic Sea, neighbouring with Poland – it’s Kaliningrad.

I’m just simply afraid of war. And as a mother I so much don’t want it.


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