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Recently, in my regular self-development listenings, going from one person to another, form one teacher to another, I’ve stumbled upon the subject of feminity. Feminity which is defined far deeper than high-heels and makeup. It’s about all women’s nature: how our body works, how our mental, spiritual and emotional worlds look like.

I’ve listened about it for just a few minutes, just the first video and… something clicked in me.

One example:

Since we (with my Husband) have closed our highly stressful and demanding business more than a year ago, I’ve remained almost with no work for other people, mostly being only mom and housewife.

And I feel so good about it! Surely, every day is not easy and only sweet. There are harder times or situations. But I feel so much better than when being in the business. Less stress. Now I recognize stressful situations immediately. I recognize the awful feeling in my stomach. Now I see it because it is something rare, unusual. In the past, it was with me every day, every hour. Staying at home with kids, I’ve also stopped sweating so much. And excessive sweating was my problem since school! (The discovery of baking soda + coconut oil as a natural deodorant could play a part in getting better too).

And now, with starting to discover the subject of femininity, it all clicked. The feelings connected with being the business owner and what I feel now being mostly my own captain at home, are now understandable and clear to me.

Woman and man differ

Women have different bodies than men. We have other hormones. We have our periods. We can create new human beings from a tiny, tiny seed! And feed them with milk that contains everything this particular baby needs in this particular moment!

Men’s and women’s bodies and minds, and souls work in a different way, need different things and can be destroyed by different things.

The default setting of the culture today is masculine.

Dear women, let’s get conscious about it and let’s leave the competition, analyses, hard work, focus and professional sports to men.

Let’s embrace cooperation, intuition, inspiration, multitasking, the warmth of the home and pleasure!

It clicked.

Staying at home

Why did I start to feel much better when staying at home with kids vs being in the business? Tasks, stress, hard work and going to the world outside are masculine. Being inside, slowly and calmly multitasking, keeping relations is feminine.

One week every month our body tells us to stop, to rest, to hide. Why don’t women today take this time for themselves instead of going to school and to work on those days like boys, like men, like nothing special would be happening then?

Creating, teaching and flow

You’ve maybe noticed that so many women and especially not working moms blog (and even making money this way). Creativity is our nature and blogs are simple, nice things that we can nurture and make more and more beautiful, keeping relationships, sharing our experiences, life hacks and wise thoughts. Or sharing our hand-made or creative digital products! Giving us all of the possibilities and pleasure, and feeling of importance, blogging at the same time is a safe (non-aggressive) activity, passion or even a money-making enterprise.

Blogging clicks with femininity.

We are women.

Our home is home.

Our need is safety.

Our power is wisdom and intuition.

Our privilege and power are creating and nurturing new lives, feeding new human beings and teaching them everything. Teaching them life.

Teaching. And being the example.


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Practical exercise

Now it’d be good to start implementing those nice facts into your life! To touch your beautiful and powerful femininity, discover it, start to understand it, not only read about it.

Beginning with your next menstruation, start a diary where you’ll write about each of your cycle’s day: your feelings on that day, whether you were tired, had good ideas, good workflow, wanted to do something at home or for work, had a bath, ate more or less than on your average day etc.

And during the next month, I allow you to be already lazy and not write if you don’t want to. Just take a look at your notes from the same days of the previous month and try to discover patterns. Then search for articles about women’s cycle phases on the Internet and get to know other women’s experiences.

You’ll probably discover that there are better days for different things during the month. Use it, slowly rearrange your schedules so that every day you do mainly things that you can do with the flow on this day.

The new direction of this blog

Since these magical, eye-opening days, I’ll support the feminine nature in me and maybe tell other women, maybe on this blog, how to live in harmony with who we are. How to feel better and be happier in our lives.

P.S. I’m listening and reading about this subject for just a few days. But I’m so passionate, I’m lost 😀 The fire element of all Archers. Haven’t I even change the blog’s tagline? 😀

Discovering your feminity, Feminine Traits for Beginners. Why Do Women Wish for a Slower, Simpler Life?

What does it mean to be a woman? What are women's powers and needs? How do we differ from men? + My personal story of getting back to femininity. Click to read.
What does it mean to be a woman? What are women's powers and needs? How do we differ from men? + My personal story of getting back to femininity. Click to read.
What does it mean to be a woman? What are women's powers and needs? How do we differ from men? + My personal story of getting back to femininity. Click to read.
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