The first Women’s Wellness Bundle 👗🍏 is live for just $37

I’m happy to announce to you the first edition of Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle, a collection of digital products, in which the Ultimate Bundles team gathers more than 50 real-life experts on topics that make up women’s health. These people have created powerful, life-changing lessons for us to improve our health and well-being, taking into account the magic of the female body, the specifics of our psyche and the complexity of our roles. And it isn’t a one-time online event. For a little price, you’re getting access to 80 eBooks, eCourses, audios, workbooks, printables, summits and a documentary for six months to browse them. It’s the time to register for the eCourses and to download chosen (or all) eBooks, audios, workbooks and more and to have them for the lifetime!

Below I’ll introduce to you this great project, Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle in details. Here are the most important information and my reasons why I’m sure it’s totally worth its price: $37 for 80 products sold normally for $4600+.

This super helpful and eye-opening bundle is initiated by a couple who are one of my favorite people from all the online entrepreneurs! They are Stephanie and Ryan Langford, adventurous and homeschooling parents of 5 and if you like to learn online about natural health, homemaking, business, and more, you probably know them from other bundles.

What is the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle?

Do you like the idea of natural living, preventing diseases by living a healthy lifestyle, and do you like learning methods to build these good habits? If you’re open to deep changes in your body condition, energy level, and well-being, you can be interested in taking the direction towards healthier living in your feminine body by joining the Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle.

Improve your health, lure with more energy, feel beautiful & confident.

The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Bundle is a digital collection designed to help you improve your women’s body and mind condition in the areas in which you feel you need help with the guidance of experts and people who have done it. The collection is divided into 12 categories suitable for different needs and life stages.

Here are all the categories and titles of some of the products which I find especially interesting, helpful and needed.

Hormones (7 products worth $334.78)

  • Natural Approaches to the Management of PCOS
  • products about the menstrual cycle!
  • Secrets to Controlling your Weight, Cravings and Moods $9.99

Fertility & Pregnancy (7 products worth $101.92)

Fitness & Physical Health (5 products worth $395.96)

For Moms (5 products worth $505.95)

  • A Mother’s Meditation Card Set by Holly Chubb (Printable) $10.00
  • 30 days worth of meditations to read that help restore peace in a mother’s soul.
  • Calm in the Chaos by Catherine Wilde (eCourse) $397.00
  • An 8-week online course empowering moms to feel calm & find their unshakable confidence!

Menopause & Beyond (6 products worth $212.99)

  • The Science of Longevity $50.00

Natural Health (4 products worth $174.58)

  • includes products about toxic-free life and aromatherapy

Food & Healthy Eating (11 products worth $544.90)

  • 57 Delicious Dairy Free Keto Recipes $11.99
  • Easy Grain Free $5.99 (paleo)
  • Sugar Detox Program by Dr David Jockers $97
  • The Importance of Iron $30

Skincare & Beauty (6 products worth $126.92)

Mental & Emotional Health (8 products worth $702.87)

Self Care & Confidence (8 products worth $727.97)

Chronic Illness (6 products worth $720.92)

Planners & Trackers (5 products worth $80.96)

  • includes health planners and journals

The complete list of all titles with their original prices is here (click See what’s in the Bundle on the top of the page).

Doesn’t it sound really attractive?

What will be your healthy goal this year?

The Bundle’s details

The Bundle consists of:

  • 33 eBooks
  • 32 eCourses & audios
  • 12 workbooks & printables
  • 2 summits & a documentary.

Sale dates: February 5th – Monday, February 10th @ 11:59pm ET.

Price: $37 + optionally $10 for helpful cheat sheets

Payment method: PayPal or card.

Refund policy: yes, 30 days.

Access time: 6 months to register for eCourses and download other products to have them forever.

After making the purchase, you’ll receive an email with a login for a dedicated download site. That’s where you’ll find every single resource in the Bundle available for you to download (eBooks, printables) or access (eCourses). You can choose to either get it all in one huge ZIP or download each file individually in the format you prefer. You get access to this site for 6 months after your purchase, and downloaded files can be yours forever.

  • With a digital connection, you can join from anywhere in the world.
  • You get a 30-day refund policy.
  • Just $37 for 80 products which after adding up their regular prices cost $4600+. With the Bundle, you’ll save even if you’d use only 2 products💰!
  • You get lifetime access to so many products which you can use in the next stages of your life.

Sale ends: 2/10/2020.

Where to get the Bundle: click.