keep warm with woolen clothes

Keep Warm Naturally. Woolen Sweaters, Cardigans and Hoodies 2017 ($18-$250)

Ready for woolen sweaters 2017 season? Wool is the best choice for the coming cold season, especially for people caring about their skin’s comfort and care. Polyester, acrylic and other artificial materials can cause sweating and release plastics to the air and onto the skin. And they don’t warm the body. These are reasons why frequent airplane travelers choose woolen sweaters or blankets to cover up and keep warm during flights.

Do you own any woolen pieces of clothing? How do you like it? Tell me in comments.

Choice of woolen sweaters, cardigans, coats and even hoodies! for 2017 fall-winter season. Only casual, classic cuts, natural material - wool. Perfect for minimalist, capsule wardrobe. Clicks to see. Prices $20-$250.

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wool fall winter 2017

Choosing simplicity in your life and in your wardrobe means looking for the best quality and for good, everlasting look, not for trends or discounts. When you have a little number in things at your home and a little number of clothes in your closet, it’s important to choose good ones, that you really like. They will be your companions on the everyday basis!

Remember to choose classic cuts and not hot trends of woolen clothes, because they are of good quality and so they can serve you for long years!

Here are a few woolen tops of my choice that are in shops this season.

woolen pullover sweter in natural colors - fall winter 2017

Daphne Ultra Soft Knit Sweater $225.00

white woolen cardigan 2017

Little Lamb Hooded Cardigan $26.44

wool cardigan pastel nude pink 2017

Hooded Wool Sweater (woolen sweaters available colors: pink, white, dark grey, khaki) $32.24

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woolen woman coat camel beige nude 2017

Wool Turndown Collar Single Breasted Long Camel Coat $46.46

woolen hoodie sports 2017

Loose String Woolen Hoodie $18.54 (Gamiss), $27.89 (Zaful)

wool sports sweater sweatshirt 2017

Soft Cropped Varsity Sweater $248.00

red woolen 2017

Oversized Hooded Pocket Woolen Plain Coat (available colors: camel, red) $31.43

Best woolen sweaters 2017: brown elegant woman casual jumper 2017

Ultra Soft Honeycomb Knit Sweater $225.00

casual pastel cold pink woolen sweater 2017

Ultra Soft Petal Knit Sweater $225.00

hoodie woolen sweater 2017 beige camel brown

Oversized Hooded Pocket Woolen Plain Coat (available colors: camel, red) $31.43

woolen casual top fall winter 2017

Round Neck Casual Top $21.64

Do you own any woolen pieces of clothing? Is wool, in your opinion, better than other materials? How do you like it? Tell me in comments.

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