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If you are mentally healthy, certainly you would like to live in harmony with your conscience. Ethical work is part of such a good life. But are our present occupational duties morally spotless?

Probably not. What the majority of Europeans and Americans deal with today? Selling or sales support. On the other side is the public sector, that purchases, which also contributes to sales.

Perhaps there is a small number of occupations that are difficult to assign to this scheme, but listen, what I have to tell you about work of the most of us.

Fundamental problems with our work ethic

Firstly, you manufacture tons of garbage.

Each store produces tons of waste. All shops poison the environment with packagings, garbage bags, folders, business cards, documents, document sleeves, pens and bags.

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Online shop contributes to cluttering the environment further, because there is a need to pack the packaging … A phone is always in a box. So what? Today, this box is part of the product, so you have to put it in another box.

And especially online stores operating in Europe  produce a lot of garbage. Here in Europe the customer is entitled to warranties, guarantees, maintenance services and unjustified returns. Packages, boxes, tape, plus documentation of all these legal procedures.

And more: fuel and maintenance of cars. And it’s still a minimum version.

Maximum versions include heap of plastic furniture, sound and monitoring equipment, perfume, plastic baskets … and I could write a several volumes list of a shop waste.

Secondly, probably you sell crap.

Today what we sell and purchase is generally of embarrassing quality. And even more often we do not need these things at all.

What is our work ethic like, when we sell rolls, which do not have much in common with grains? Shoes that quickly fall apart and have soles stiff as pavement. Colorful, plastic, crappy, ugly and stupid toys for children. Polyester rags. Cosmetics, which act positively only to the account of the manufacturer. Fruits and vegetables sprayed with chemicals.

Yes, you give it to another person.

Thirdly, you need to manipulate people that they need crap.

You create false needs and persuade people that those are their needs. Who really needs jelly beans, instant jelly desserts or plastic jewelry? Or a new phone or a car, when the former is still working normally?

You use your time and energy to manipulate people and create artificial needs. Or you use up your money at contract it out to the professionals.

Whole big departments of companies are created to deceive tribesmen, fellow countrymen. This is our work ethic today.

Fourthly,  you apply yourself to modern slavery.

Because people working by the production of crap are treated in such way that if you were in Europe, and treat your dog so, you would risk ending up in prison. Yes, the exploitation happens far away and you do not hire these people.

Wait! You’re wrong. You employ them. They are those indispensable. You just do not manage them personally – between you and them is any number of links in the chain.

Are you still selling? Bon appetit!

You exploit natural resources and treat people worse than animals … to get paid. Try to think of how you could arrange your payment in a moral manner.

Yes, the world has gone mad. To start any change at the beginning we need consciousness about the state of things. I hope I gave some of you this consciousness.

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