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In a same way that you can throw away five blouses in those mismatched colors and three least favorite cups (after three weeks you won’t even remember that you owned these items), you can cross out many unimportant tasks from your daily schedule.

I have an example.

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You can do a lot less than you think.

During my second pregnancy I feel like a limp dishrag, that’s why I’ve come with my Son to live for a while with my parents. Even though they are not retired, they spend more time at home than my Husband. They are also more compassionate and relaxed.

For one day I planned an all-day training.

I tell my Mom:

“I’ll get up at seven, I’ll get ready in an hour, I’ll go home to dress up and do make up and at 9.30 I’ll be at the training.”

“Why so early? Get up half an hour later. Don’t go to your place, you can do your make up here.”

“But I have no clothes… And after the training I will stop by my house to get the cradle and a couple of our clothes (and with no witnesses, I’ll throw away some of the loudest and most annoying plastic toys!).

And how did it work out the next day? I didn’t have the strength. I took the trousers that I had at my parents’ house. My jacket was washed the previous day and, to make matters worse, it didn’t get dry. And I don’t like to wear those that I have at home.

For the training for super entrepreneurs I put on a sweater, where it would appropriate to give the impression of a successful woman. Doesn’t matter, I’m pregnant, and all that matters is that inside me. American entrepreneurs often look scruffy and unprofessional and they don’t care.

I took that attitude with me and then I trained with people dressed completely casually – relaxed, and one woman was wearing a sports sweatshirt that even I wouldn’t dare to wear.

I didn’t even go home to get those things…

In other words, I’d planned ambitious tasks and it turned out that I might as well go along without losing one and a half hour for getting better clothes and grabbing a few things, without which I can live… and still live to this day.

You can revise your everyday life, your small actions according to my experiences.

Do you think you could make minimal changes to your busy schedule and take something out? You could gain some precious time and more peaceful mind.

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