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You Can Live Happy Despite Lack of Money

Do you know this type of people who earn little, so they do not take their responsibility? They will not eat healthier, because they can not afford. They will not be throwing garbage where it should be, because they can not afford and they need to burn plastic in the stove. They do not give up buying clothes and toys from the poorest countries in Asia: produced in unethical conditions, terrible for the environment and of zero quality.

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Lack of money and escaping from responsibility?

No, lack of money does not excuse you from any harm done to others. But you can often meet with such point of view (as in the comment to my article about work ethic), so I wanted to write here a few words on the subject.

Lack of cash is not an explanation of why I can do nothing

Many people, like for example minimalists and budget travelers – many would like to live like them! – has nothing to do with being a richer part of the society. And yet they live on their own terms. They take handfuls of life, go through adventures, visit new places, establish friendships. They use their time in accordance with their real needs. They grow. They enrich themselves incredibly. And repeat it: without big money.

Poor because lazy

I know the way of thinking of many so-called poor people. I also know the labor market, which offers higher salaries than the minimal wage for work even cooler than direct sale, with no experience required. But the employee need to give something from themselves. They have to want to work. A lot of entrepreneurs in my country have problem with finding people to hire. Because if a person wants to sit on their ass, on facebook and every 5 minutes go out to smoke – sorry, so they do not give the company a profit. And a company is not charity.

Poor and overspending

I know the poor. I know indebted to the small amount who, after finding a job – spend money on crap instead paying off debts. They do not to let the postman in their home, because they do not plan to sign receiving letters from the bailiff.

I know the poor. And if I would buy so many clothes and cosmetics, if my husband would buy the latest models of electronics that they have and upgrade it regularly and if he would for years use gasoline commuting to work – we probably would be in a sad situation.

You can

As someone wants to change, it is possible. You may need to devote months to learning, may sit up till late at night working, might have to strain in another ways. Maybe there will be no time to paint the nails. If a person have not done anything with their life and one day they will work hardly, on the second day will not have 10k on their account. It requires effort. It requires giving something of yourself. Giving much. From yourself. But also for yourself.

You can live happy

You can live on your own terms. And lack of money is not a reason to consider it to be impossible.

Just realize that maybe this is our only life. If I am in a really sad situation, and this is my only life, I will do everything to be elsewhere in this life.

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