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I know better, because I’m a mother. I have mother’s intuition. But at the same time…

I’m polite. I always listen to advice. I treat my close ones’ words with respect.

And I shouldn’t.

A few situations showed me that following my feelings would be better for my child than listening to my dear peoples’ advice.

It’s about my baby’s contact with other children. My mother said it’s time to socialise. I didn’t feel like that. But I let my Son to get to know another boy… who hit him on the face with a fist, in which he was holding a stone. It was my Son’s first contact with another child. Thank you, mom.

It’s about the walks. In my country people belive you should go for a walk (at least one!) with your child every single day. My Son was crying a lot during his first five months (sensitive belly called colic), so I gave up walks. But my parents didn’t. I was grateful – one or two hours free on weekends. And then I saw my Son crying until he falls asleep on such a walk. Walk with stress and pain better than at home with mommy? I said: It was his last walk (until he’s healthy and in good mood).

It’s about how you dress, wash and feed your child. As mother you know better than the others even if you don’t know and even if you decide not to act normally.

It’s your motherhood, it;s your role and purpose, it’s your job, your relation and your life. You know better. Ask ypurself questions and don’t deny your answers. Trust ypurself whatever you feel is good.

You’re the mother. Nature gave you all the wisdom you need: feelings, instincts, intuition. You have the right to be self-confident and strong.

You know better. Be sure. Be strong.

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