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5 best resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

This year’s Ultimate Homemaking is on sale by Monday, May 6th.

As always, the fantastic Ultimate Bundles team have hand-picked the most valuable resources created by various people actively sharing thir experiences online. The digital library consists of ecourses, ebooks, videos, worksheets, printables and membership sites… There are surely more titles and more content than anyone could use in one moment.

But the point with Ultimate Bundles is to find your favs and realize that the price is… probably lower than if you’d buy only your favs separately. And you get access to all 104 products. More of them could become useful later in your life.

So, I hope you get the idea of bundles. If not, go to their website for better explaination.

Today, I’ll show you my favorites from this year’s Homemaking Bundle.

positive affirmations for christian families - printables

1 | 80 Affirmations for Christian Families by Tara Ziegmont

Printable, outside of the Bundle price: $10.00.

I’m personally not very connected with the Church (any more, it the past it was different). But still, values like for example family are deeply important to me. And I know that Christianity is the space to which I can come when I need to be supported in the world which not always approves my decisions.

This is why I went through the titles in the part Faith of the Bundle. You’ll find 13 resources in this category.

I really like beautiful cards for Christian families prepared by Tara Ziegmont.

It’s like positive thinking without the New Age stuff. Positive thinking based on Christian roots (and I have to tell you that in my country all that is talked about in churches is so connected with suffering, blood, persecution that seeing hope, sun, smile near God – it is a big wow and relief for me; it’s so different, and it;s why I love to read English-language internet).

The colorful cards are ready to be printed and put in various spaces at our homes. Their texts remind parents and kids about love which is everywhere, about beauty in ourselves and in our world.

Buy now in the Bundle.

joy of motherhood adventure

2 | From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood by Ruth Schwenk

eBook, outside of the Bundle price: $12.99.

This book was created to help parents overcome anger by becoming strong enough to face the often day-to-day overwhelm.

It consits of real-life stories. Encouragemenet from real moms for real moms.

Including questions for reflection, the book guides parents through 26 days of understanding our anger triggers and learning to control those emotions better.

Buy now in the Bundle.

how to start montessori - montessori for beginners ecourse

3 | Montessori Beginnings by Holly Daniel

eCourse, outside of the Bundle price: $77.00.

A course perfect and useable especially for new parents.

I’m a fan of the Montessori approach and I’ve used most of Maria’s Montessori advice on choosing the proper kind of furniture for kids’ room, but also for them to feel comfortable and being able to help in the kitchen etc.

Self-realiant kids who learn to do most of normal, everyday ctivities without the need for parent’s assistance – it is what we want! To bring up wise, strong people and to regain some time for ourselves!

The eCourse Montessori Beginnings explains the Montessori approach, guiding parents to grow in their little kids independence, confidence and a lifelong love of learning.

Buy now in the Bundle (even cheaper than outside of it!).

calm connect correct - parenting ecourse on kids behavior and parents reactions

4 | Calm Connect Correct by Penelope Webster

eCourse, outside of the Bundle price: $39.00.

Penelope Webster presents to parents the step-by-step process that enables us to respond calmly to kids’ behavior, discover the their motives and connect with kids even during the hardest times.

A guide to dramatically transform your relationship with your kid.

Buy now in the Bundle (even cheaper than outside of it!).

clutter free - decluttering and keeping simple home guide

5 | Clutter-Free(dom): Ditch Clutter & Create Systems to Keep It from Coming Back by Christine White

eBook, outside of the Bundle price: $17.00.

Go from overwhelmed to relaxed in your home. Declutter. Develope systems to keep the clutter from coming back.

Strategies, checklists, and practical mindset shifts.

Get the results you’ve been wanting for! 🙂

Buy now in the Bundle.

More practical home management tips to keep your home simpler and your family happier you can find in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019:

homemaking bundle 2019

About the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019:

30 ecourses & videos + 28 ebooks + 25 printable packs + 16 workbooks + 3 summits + 2 membership sites

resources for stay at home moms discounted ebooks and ecourses

Subjects covered, each category consisting of 6-13 products:

  • Creativity & Decor
  • Faith
  • For Kids (chore charts, printables to play without screens ad more)
  • Home Management
  • Homeschooling
  • In the Kitchen
  • Marriage
  • Organization
  • Parenting
  • Self Care
  • Work at Home (including Mom to Momtrepreneur: Guide to Conquering Your First 30-Days Blogging During Nap Time eBook by Cassie Scroggins and Pinterest strategy eCourse)
  • 11 bonuses (free memberships, subscriptions, and gift cards)

30-day money-back guarantee.

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P.S. Last hours to get the Bundle with the early bird bonus – the decorating course – worth $29.