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My Blogging Goals for September – Get Inspired and Improve Your Blog with Me

If you ever tried to blog, you’ve probably experienced that blogging is a very complex thing! It can be very simple. As simple as writing and publishing new texts. But when you already do and enjoy this, then you read about blogging here and there. And you discover that there are so many options to improve your blog or to share your writing with a bigger audience, that you can be overwhelmed. For all that we want and can do 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year are too little time! (That’s why I’ve written the Slow Blogging Guide for those who want to enjoy blogging but at a slower pace).

goals for blogger

About two weeks ago I’ve decided to set myself a few blogging goals for a month (check my blogging goals for August). This way I can concentrate only on chosen tasks and not try to do everything that is possible, fun, cool and beneficial. In some cases, it’s better to finish three tasks than to just start (but not finish) forty.

And finally, this series will show, if it’s possible to be a successful blogger or at least successful goal achiever, being a stay at home Mom for 1- and 3-year old.

Have I succeeded with my August goals?

1. Choosing top ten articles in categories to easily show my readers my best work.

I was working on it actively and did really as much as my time allowed me to. Results are here: blog’s top articles.

2. Creating beautiful, pinable graphics for those top articles.

Work in progress, same as with task 1. I’m glad that I’m learning a new skill!

3. Adding call-to-action to the best articles to encourage readers to comment and share their experiences.

Work in progress and I’m very glad about what I’ve done in a few articles because I’ve got comments after implementing this strategy!

4. Rewriting the About page.

I didn’t. But I’ve learned about it, so it’ll be easier to do it in the future.

5. Rewriting the Resources page.

Done! Here it is: Resources.

6. Developing my Pinterest as a place of inspiration for simpler living. – Well done! Pinterest is completely new to me, so I think I’m doing well. Help me to grow by following my boards 🙂

Tasks completion: 3.5/6.

Maybe I wanted to much?

But I’ve done some things besides the above list.

additional completed tasks

– I’ve applied and got accepted for rich pins!

– I’ve created pinable graphics with best quotes from books about minimalism and simple living.

– I’ve scheduled on Facebook more content than just information about new articles. I’ve shared info about older best articles and asked my readers some questions. See HERE (and don’t forget to like 🙂 ).

– I’ve got confident enough to notify about my choice of best articles from the web with their authors!

blogging goals for September

1. Creating Share your story page.

2. Recording best articles and publishing them on YouTube.

3. Creating and pasting into older posts a beautiful and useful post footer.

4. Continue creating beautiful pinable graphics for my best articles.


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