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I observe how we forget details of what was happening in our lives in the past. We remember people, things, our habits, but not always we can remind at which time we were occupied by them. Knowing this, from time to time I write down lists of what my Boys play with or what are their current interests. I use it as cheat sheets when I’m buying gifts for other kids. So below I list books for 2-4-year-old boys which will keep kids really very attentive and engage them for hours.

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Books for 2-4-year-old boys – books that my Sons enjoy

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Shapes by Berengere Motuelle (Fun & Learn Tabs series)

12 pages of learning shapes with a guidance of a funny penguin (and his lovely sister).

Other books from the Fun & Learn Tabs series:

(we borrowed it from a library and it was also fun)

books for 2-4-year-old boys

On The Move by Ruth Martin and Allan Sanders (Little Explorers series)

18 pages introducing different types of vehicles on every page: cars, trucks, boats, planes, bikes, tractors and more. 60+ flaps to lift, nice and quite real drawings

Other books from the Little Explorers series:

My Amazing Body
The Animal World
Outer Space

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books for 2-4-year-old boysFirst Atlas by Anita Ganeri

I’m interested in the world, countries, climates and how people live in different places on our planet so I have fun talking about it to my Sons. And because atlases are introduced to them by a passionate mom, they also love these subjects! Pictorial maps make it easy and fun to explain what where grows, lives or is produced.




Things That Go by Amy Pixton and Stephan Lomp

Vehicles are number one interest of my Older Son. No animals, no heroes and literally nothing can compete with cars, trucks and building site vehicles.

And the Indestructibles series advertises as 100 percent baby-proof.


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Farm by Heather Alexander

A book with 100 questions and 70 flaps to lift. While the Older Son looks now only for vehicles, the Younger likes to search for cars, tractors, and animals making wow wow. Every animal makes wow wow. Sometimes a train too.

The book is simple, information that it teaches suit the age of 2-4 but it is really full of these simple facts so that a kid can really get intellectually challenged.

Other books for 2-4-year-old boys from the Life on Earth series:

Human Body

On the Farm: A Touch-and-Feel Book by Holly Brook-Piper

Baby animals and their moms. Toddlers are reaching for this book that they get to know as babies.

There are other books in the series.


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Things That Go (Ultimate Sticker Books)

Vehicles again, this time in the form of different tasks with stickers which is very attractive to little boys.

Other books from the Ultimate Sticker Books series:

Diggers & Dumpers

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A few more pretty and interesting books about vehicles and their important tasks and adventures:

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