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Brushing teeth with coconut oil as a toothpaste (for 3 years and counting!)

Many of you are probably aware that the substances contained in cosmetics greatly harm our body (my article: Carcinogenic and harmful cosmetics are fact). Badly and very regularly. Every day, a few, and in the case of soap, even several times a day we apply cleaning agents used for cleaning surfaces in warehouses or industrial halls, such as preservatives and dyes which have an effect on our organs, cells and many processes occurring in our body. It is therefore recommended to get informed about alternatives, such as brushing teeth with coconut oil.

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The reasons

Toothpaste is just a mix of artificial chemicals with still unknown side effects. A mix that we apply inside our bodies at least twice a day. A mix that causes us every few weeks to throw into the trashcan a piece of ugly plastic that takes a long time to decompose.

I can hear you already. But what about the hygiene, what about the tooth decay, the smell, prevention, what about this and what about that?!?

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My story

But I have tried.

First, a few years of using a fluoride-free toothpaste. Tell me that its harmfulness is a myth, I don’t care. My dentist has informed me that during pregnancy the procedures for fluoride varnish application are not performed. Why? Because there are no side effects or maybe there are?

Later, in my struggle for healthier teeth, in which a dentist could not help me anymore, I learned about oil pulling and its beneficial effects. Then, from a number of these oils, the most beneficial turned out to be coconut oil, which supposedly (there is some research, but today there is research for everything) destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay (there’s also a theory that it is not the bacteria that cause tooth decay…).

With oil pulling there’s always a problem because you have to find the time for that (some 20 minutes). Besides, what do I get from the healthy, detoxifying, and cleansing oil pulling when a minute later I apply a toothpaste – without fluoride but full of preservatives?

When I heard that a person who inspires me because thinks very much like me – but from the perspective of over sixty years of life – practices brushing teeth with coconut oil, I stopped wondering and went straight into action.

I’ve been taking care of my teeth this way for almost a year more than two years. Since that time I’ve been brushing my teeth only with coconut oil instead of any paste.

When purchasing coconut oil, remember to check if it’s cold-pressed and untreated – these features mean high quality.

The effects of brushing teeth with coconut oil

– My teeth are clean and I don’t have bad breath.

– I am aware of the fact that I do not feed myself with some unnecessary and harmful substances.

– After some time of using coconut oil, every toothpaste I try seems to sting and burn.

– There are people who emphasize the whitening properties of brushing teeth with coconut oil. That was not my priority, besides it is difficult to assess the changes that occur slowly day by day (if they occur at all). But I came up with an idea to compare the color of my teeth with the fillings made in the past. So yes, now my teeth are whiter.

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And what about the decay?

After six months of using coconut oil instead of a normal toothpaste, I went to visit my dentist. I didn’t tell her about my experiment. I wanted her to assess my teeth as usual, without any bias. And you know what? I didn’t hear anything like:

“Ula, these teeth look like they haven’t been brushed!”

“Have you changed your toothpaste?”

“There is something wrong here. Your teeth lack something…”

Nothing of this sort. She didn’t notice any difference and didn’t say anything that would indicate that I don’t brush my teeth 😉 There was some decay, but no more than is usual for me. Unfortunately, tooth decay loves me.

Update after 2 years of using only coconut oil as a toothpaste:

During the last two dentist checks, I had no teeth decay that would need treatment!

Brushing teeth with coconut oil – conclusions

In brushing teeth with coconut oil I love that I don’t put any chemicals into my body nor I produce waste (toothpaste plastic packaging vs. glass & metal jar).

I hope that decay will stop loving me. Maybe a period of six months is too short for complete oral health. Maybe I need a longer period of supplementation? For the sake of my oral health I’ve bought

vitamin K2(MK-7)
and fish oil (vitamin D3),

which I kept taking for at least a couple of weeks but pregnancy, during which I can vomit after even drinking some water, made me stop taking these pills. I will definitely return to the strengthening my teeth from the inside, as soon as I can!

And the main conclusion

I think that brushing teeth is mainly about removing sediments with the use of a brush (or anything else that gives the same effect). And whether you put on your toothbrush a paste from the drugstore, coconut oil, celery juice or rhino urine – it doesn’t really matter.

I wish you health!

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  1. I so love your blog! It is so calming to read it and I feel empowered to use less and become more focused on what is truly important. Thank you for your writings!

  2. Haha, rhino urine!!
    I’ve read an article where they said toothpaste was more important than the brushing, and that just coating your teeth with toothpaste was better for you. But I reckon you’re right, I think the brushing act is what cleans the teeth. Just like scrubbing dishes with a sponge rather than just pouring detergent on it!!

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