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Love Yourself

thank aloud - powerful gratitude practice

Powerful Practice: Thank Aloud

Today I want to share with you a practice that I’ve invented and used in my life for a few months now. I see many positive aspects of this practice and it is as simple as thank aloud. How to thank aloud? When something good happens, especially something I wasn’t expecting nor wishing for, something …

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unsatisfied needs - What to Do When Other People Don't Satisfy Your Needs - creating a fulfilling feminine life

What to Do When Other People Don’t Satisfy Your Needs?

We all have needs, it’s normal, it’s animal and it’s human. From the need to nourish our bodies to the need that your spouse will make you a cup of coffee (without having been asked). In life, some of them remain unmet needs. Breathing, food, water, home, security, health, pleasure, family, friendship, intimacy, respect, personal …

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