Our Children’s Day with a Fantastic Experience Gift for Toddlers

As minimalists, I and my Husband avoid buying unnecessary things and we even limit gifts for our kids from the extended family. We know how many times after getting most toys our Boys play with it. Not many. There are just a few toys in their room and it’s not because of our, parents’ rules. It’s because they play with only a few toys. The rest was just thrown around the room in the morning and picked back to the box in the evening, sometimes by me not them. So we’ve just hidden the excessive toys in the basement.

Oh, and now, when it’s warm outside, no toy could be more attractive for the Boys than going out.

So on the Children’s Day, instead of material gifts that would fill later our basement, they got an extraordinary day with interesting and pleasant experiences. Let’s start the story.

Look, here is a place where I’ve grown up. Ok, I lived in the city but this place is where we’ve spent many weekend- and holiday-days.

Countryside, nature, food production, sounds of trees and birds, farm work, play with cousins and neighbors, self-made volleyball field (made of items we had) and sausages roasted above campfires.

Now I live much further from this place and this place itself has changed almost into the city suburbs but from time to time I take my Boys here.

This year we’ve started our campfires season with Boys’ grandparents on the 1st of June, the Children’s Day. Garden table and some chairs, simple food, water, tea and the fire. And People. This is almost everything we need. In nature. Only when we live in cities or stare too much on screens, many, many stupid, artificial needs arise.

The Younger waiting. Grandpa, I want it all and I want it now!

Toddlers don’t understand that it takes time to prepare food. They cry every day for now even if they see – every day – that they have to wait. Time. Patience. Slow life. Simple. (Maybe not easy).

Pure nature. I love fire so much. The power and the heat:

My Boys love eating but when they finally leave the table, they can play:

Or work (he watered plants too):

Or just watch the world:

Or be the judge in the play:

And here is one of the dresses I’ve bought earlier this year. I like them and can wear them every day. Beautiful and comfortable.

Oh, and the yummy cherries from our own tree, grown with no chemicals: