Clean smarter – the homemaking strategy that only strong and wise women use

Haven’t you notice that on one hand women want freedom and sharing household duties with their partners and on the other hand, many of us still keep ourselves tied to the perfect housewife image and the perfect housewife’s stupid chore schedules? Let’s see how to clean smarter, so that you have both a neat home and time and energy for what you enjoy doing, for what makes you develop and, yes, make money, too!

chore shcedules which will never make you free

Firstly, let’s look at some homemaking routines from Pinterest. And… you can laugh with me:

Thursday: polish furniture (like… every Thursday?!)

Clean chairs every Wednesday

Restock toiletries… (What?!)

Replace tissues (???)

Sanitize door handles and light switches… Every week…

Wipe the front of bathroom cabinets – Every week!

Clean the fridge – Every week!

Every week – clean under the couch (ha ha!)

Wipe kitchen cabinets and walls – weekly

Wash rugs – weekly (Wow)

Dust baseboards bi-weekly (???)

Take out trash – daily (Maybe it’d better to apply some less wasteLINK practices?)

1 load of laundry every day (And what about people who don’t have twins in the stage of potty training!?)

Sweep the floors every day (oh, yeah)

Mop the floors every week

Clean the kitchen and bathroom cabinets every month

What. Is. That?!

Who has time for that?

Who’s doing that?! Who’s doing that ever (chairs cleaning)? And who normal is doing that so frequently?

Only enthusiastic cleaners, control freaks or… slaves? People of no personality, no personal needs, no ideas on how to grow or how to just have fun in life?

I say: slaves. Who’d clean chairs every Wednesday on their own will?

I agree that being ambitious is positive. But let’s specify:

what is good, is being ambitious about the right things!

Dear women, please, don’t make those terrible Pinterest cleaning schedules become your routine. It’s not normal, not healthy for your psyche. Clean smarter.

two types of tasks

I say that in our lives, especially as homemakers, there are two types of tasks we can choose to do every day.

  • The first, there are administrative tasks: cleaning, paying bills, doing laundry, grocery shopping. We have to do it but doesn’t change anything in our lives. These activities need to be completed just to keep our normal life going on.
  • The second type is tasks which put us forward or higher in our life. Steps that are leading somewhere, changing our lives. Like personal growth or bigger work tasks.

wise women strategy to have a clean home AND have some personal life too

Firstly, let’s repeat: you have to throw away lists, schedules and shoulds created by other people.

Secondy, you have to look at your home and on how it is living.

It is possible that you need to clean the bathroom mirror every other day. It is also possible that you need to clean it every other month. It depends on who, where, how often is doing what at your home. There is no answer that could match all homes and all families.

But if you want to have your cleaning schedule and to really clean smarter, the best method to discover how often you need to do every activity, is to do a kind of packing party.

The packing party method (by Ryan Nicodemus) is originally created to help with decluttering. It encourages you to pack everything that you have at home as if you’d be moving to a new place, and take out only things which you need in a current moment. For example, if you want to eat, you need a cutting board, a knife and ONE plate. In this way, you discover which items are essential for you (and your family).

clean smarter strategy in practice

To apply it for creating a cleaning schedule, I suggest to… stop cleaning and tidying up and do it when it will be necessary.

Don’t clean the mirror beacuse it’s Tuesday.

Clean the mirror when it’s so dirty that you want to have it cleaner.

I’m going like that. When I see that something in my apartment needs cleaning, I do it. No strict rules. Just observation and cooperating with the real world, not the one written on the paper.

Oh, and, my dear woman, be sure to make friends with phrases like:

  • spot cleaning the floor 🙂

If you’ve cleaned with a strict schedule before, it can be helpful and you will be able to come back to a (new) schedule if it’s how you like to do things.

Write down the last day on which you did particular tasks (cleaning floors, cleaning mirrors etc.).

Then stop cleaning, grab a good drink, a good book and observe how your home’s getting dirty 😉

When you’ll feel that a certain area has to be cleaned, do it and write down how long there’s been between the the previous cleaning and the current day.

When you’ll have data for all the chores you do at home, you can make a new schedule to follow – to clean smarter. And I’m sure, you’ll save much time in comparison to following a Pinterest-like perfect-housewife’s plan.

Dear Woman,

You wanted freedom, you want freedom and you deserve freedom like anyone else. Wear pants, fight, run marathons and compete if you want to. Or be sensitive, empathic, cooperating, have time for your hobbies, be at home with kids. The life isn’t only fun and happiness. Women’s lives aren’t only pink and sweet, even today, when we can vote – there are other still problematic issues.

So at least you, don’t be your own enemy, don’t act against your humanity. Don’t let mirror cleaning charts have control over you. Clean smarter and take your family on board with the house chores!


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