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If you read my blog for a longer time, you’ve probably used some tips on minimizing your stuff from my articles or from good books which I recommend.

But maybe you still have a place at home for which you have no idea how to deal with it.

Or maybe you need some motivation to go there and find the energy to decide about your items.

If this is the situation you’re in with any place at your home, I highly recommend you to check the free decluttering challenge created by Dana K. White in cooperation with Ultimate Bundles.

There you’ll find great hints on how to tackle the scary place in the form of a video accompanied by a beautiful printable workbook.

Ready for the challenge?

Waiting for more pleasant space space at your home?

Go to the challenge’s website. Saturday 4/27 is the last day to join!

Oh, and share with your friends!

Let your friends know, motivate yourselves, compete and have fun regaining your space!