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Motivation is in main trends for at least seven decades. But this fact doesn’t have to mean that we should see motivation as needed and positive, nor that we should try to implement it many situations in our lives. Let me tell you something that is obvious but maybe not everyone has thought about it before. Something that maybe will encourage you to change your attitude so that you don’t motivate yourself to too many things.

Think about this example. So you have a delicious piece of heavenly chocolate cake in front of you, the one without excess cream. Of course, you want to eat it! And you eat it. You don’t motivate yourself. You don’t plan it. You don’t do brainstorming, you don’t think about all the advantages and disadvantages or benefits that eating this piece of cake will bring you in the future. If you want it – you eat it!

Slow and Happy: Do not motivate yourself. Less motivation, please! - article on Slow and Happy blog about conscious life. When you really want something - you do not have to motivate yourself to do it. don't motivate yourself - an article about less motivation and slow, simple living instead - be slow and happy #simpleliving #simplelife #selfdev
Slow and Happy: Do not motivate yourself. Less motivation, please! - article on Slow and Happy blog about conscious life. When you really want something - you do not have to motivate yourself to do it. don't motivate yourself - an article about less motivation and slow, simple living instead - be slow and happy #simpleliving #simplelife #selfdev

Don't Motivate Yourself - What's Wrong with Motivation (5)

These days we are bombarded with information about motivation: we have YouTube trainers, coaches. We can read about it in magazines for businessmen, as well as for housewives. We learn about motivation techniques at school or during professional training at work.

don’t motivate yourself

Let’s agree for such definition of motivation: something that helps us find the reason why we want to do something and then write a plan, which would force us to do it.

But why to do it and why to force us? I suggest: don’t motivate yourself, because such artificial motivation is only needed when a given activity is not necessary or we simply don’t want to do it. So why force ourselves? Wouldn’t it be better to rethink why we think we should do this, while our heart protests?

I don’t need to motivate myself to change my child’s diapers or cook a dinner for myself. I don’t motivate myself in order to hug my husband or do other things that I like. I don’t motivate myself when I have to prepare documents for my accountant. I just do it.

Don’t motivate yourself, too. Live your good life!

Don't Motivate Yourself - What's Wrong with Motivation (5)

In the same way, you don’t have to believe in the need for having a passion. Don’t you have any passions? Don’t worry, you are still considered normal. A passion invented just for the need of having a passion – for example, following 17 Ways How to Find Your Passion – will never be implemented freely. It will always be forced. Why have a passion just to put it on your resume or print it on your business cards? Just forget it. If there will be time for passion – it will come to you and it will consume you. You don’t need to have one at every point in your life.

If you think about it, is living without passion or ecstasy, living on day to day basis, eating and sleeping, not neglecting yourself and your loved ones – is it a bad thing? Is it worse than the great expeditions, crazy business projects or paragliding? In my opinion, it’s not.

no motivation challenge

Give yourself a week without motivation. Then think about how you felt during this week. Have you lost something without motivating yourself?

I believe in our infinite possibilities. This means that in some things you can be so awesome that you will achieve something that has never been achieved before. You have infinite possibilities, but let me repeat myself – only in one given field. Having endless possibilities is not about doing everything.

Don't Motivate Yourself - What's Wrong with Motivation (5)

I also believe that life leads us somewhere. That everyone here is equally important and that everyone will find purpose and the right place to realize their dreams – for their happiness and for the good of others.

As a mother I had to consider a sentence written by one of the American minimalists:

Maybe now is not the time for that.

Maybe now is the time for something else, something important, and you can always come back to your dreams later.

When you really want something – you do not have to motivate yourself to do it.

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