mini art: some of my favorite people and materials on the Internet

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Everyone is spending hours on the Internet, looking for valuable information. Sometimes we completely waste our time, distracting us, running away from real life problem. Other times, we find irrelevant or boring information – nothing new. But there is a little percent of our online readings and listenings when we find real treasures.

And often we lose them. At least, me. I don’t save my favorites in the browser, I don’t put them anywhere on Facebook (I’m almost inactive there)…

I just hope that my mind will remeber the geniuses’ names or that I’ll find that brilliant article when I’ll need or want to read it again.

But I realized that I forget names. Google helped (similar people on the right on desktop or something like this). But I don’t want to have to rely on Google.

I could save the links on my phone… Which recently, after update, deleted my contacts. No, thanks.

I think I’ll be making the list of the best online materials and resources. Of really the best, only the pearls, the treasures. Where? On this blog, having a private hosting, from which noone can throw me out (like I could be banned by FB or Google knowing no reason).

The collecting of the links will be a never-ending process, a slow process. I’ll put there links when I’ll stumble upon something brilliant and valuable, and being about something important in life.

Here is a little list, created fast and with no rules, no proper effect in my mind, like the whole mini arts series. I write to keep practicing writing. So here is the fast list:

Simon Sinek about millenials at work – forgetting and then remining about this man and his brilliant thoughts made me think of this whole link-saving issue.

Cait Flanders about minimalism and conscious living.

Miss Minimalist about real minimalism.

Derek Sivers because he’s more honest than it’s beneficial.

Paul Jarvis, beacuse he’s normal, honest and can give smart arguments for non-mainstream opinions.

Seth Godin because he’s telling the (hard) truth (about stupid economy).

Sarah Titus – the mom, who showed that if it’s important for you, staying at home with kids (even as a single mother who has to earn) is possible.

Ultimate Bundles – because they not only build a business that gives value to people, but because of how they do the business: it’s 100% based on cooperation, not competition. Cooperation is afeminine thing. Competition is also good, important and has it’s place, but I’d be good for us if we’d come to a balance of cooperation and competition. Now, we have to learn cooperation, add more of it to our culture, jobs and everyday life.

When the list will grow, I’ll put it as a separate page somewhere below recommendations in the blog’s menu.

Have a good week!

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