Feel allowed to be yourself

You probably observed that the last decade or two were filled with books, magazines, and experts giving tips on how we should do things. All the business, productivity, self-development, how-to-achieve stuff.

Firstly, there were only a few books, few authors. On the self-dev market, there were just a few life paths presented to the audience. The audience that was hungry to become successful and happy and… to become the person we should be.

Let’s take the example of multitasking which was popular, broadly explained in more and more publications. People, for whom multitasking wasn’t natural, tried it, because it was said to be proper and the (only) way to a big success.

People, influenced by such books, were changing their habits which is a hard, uncomfortable task.

And then, a few days later, in new books, they hear that they were right with their original single-tasking attitude. The authors give plenty of arguments for single-tasking and focus and prove multitasking to be wrong.

And it is what is happening with every of us, I suppose, who wanted to change their life for more… effective, happy, richer?

And now we hear so many voices in many areas of life that it seems like… every attitude, every habit, every way of thinking and doing things may be right.

You started with being yourself. Default you. Then you’ve read or heard people telling you, you should do things in a way that is so strange and difficult for you. But you were convinced by the words, arguments, example of the expert’s life. You’ve changed. Not without difficulties, discomfort, maybe tears, pain and feeling separated from your soul, your core, your You.

It’s a story of many of us.

Now, with so many voices, one praising joyful, creative chaos, and other, praising cleanness and keeping empty spaces to invite the new – we can keep being ourselves and see benefits coming from our natural way of doing things.

So, every time when a self-development book would like to change an aspect of you in which you see nothing wrong, search for other voices, because they probably exist. Get conscious also about the benefits which your way of acting gives. And then decide, whether you would try the new approach or maybe see so nice aspects of your natural approach that you’ll dive deeper into it, having fun, enjoying being yourself.

Would God put into ourselves something that is against us, that is wrong?

Embrace what’s in you. And don’t be afraid to be different.

P.S. I enjoy self-development books. Just let’s don’t take tips presented in them as the only right way. I prefer to look in such books for confirmation of what and how I already do – to develop my strenghts, my beautiful attributes, and not to fight against who I am.

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