mini art: regaining focus and simplifying my life again

Since last fall I haven’t been very active in this place. I needed to do some experiments and observations of my everyday actions. But I hope I’m back now to keep showing you joy in the minimalist lifestyle 🙂

focus on my life again

So I let myself drown in various, not so logical ideas, in chaos and even in consumption for the last four months of 2018. I’ve been putting into my life actions and things which are normal for the Joneses.

I’ve bought more items than normally, I’ve read crazy things and I’ve got addicted to Instagram. Isn’t it what all people around us do and nevertheless they seem to be successful and quite happy in their lives?

After coming back to what was and is mine (like simple life) – because the other way of living hasn’t bring me what I want – I regain focus.

I went through the lists of what I want to do, what are my daily or weekly actions, what are my dreams and plans.

I’ve simplified the lists and most importantly: I’ve arranged my plans and actions accordingly to my dreams. To where I want to be in my life, what I want to do in my life.

I pay attention to analyzing where I put my attention and what the results are.

I check which actions give me the biggest amount of needed or desired effects.

I’ve tried to give up minimalism

I’ve written about it a little above. But I want to add another reason why I wanted to stop being a minimalist.

Last year, I got interested in the subject of femininity (see my articles about femininity). You probably know that our culture, built on logic, analysis, logical arguments, science, reason, fight and competition has more masculine characterics.

Feminine means chaos, abundance, cooperation, trust. I wanted to start living with such an attitude towards people and the world.

The minimalist lifestyle, based on logic, control and reason doesn’t match this picture.

So I’ve started to buy excessive, unnecessary but nice-looking and magical things – women should buy colorful useless items, don’t we? The woman is abundance, beauty, chaos, magic (and magic needs many ingredients and tools), trust, excess, impulse, intuition… All books and articles, and courses about femininity emphasize that we should pamper ourselves, care for our and home’s beauty (it’s called creating), live how we want, live comfortably.

Maybe. Maybe it’s tru, maybe it’s another type of psychologically well-played advertisement: spend your money, spend your money.

But what I’ve realized after this time is: my comfort and my sense of abundance is in having my life simple.

I feel comfortably when I have enough beautiful and useful items which I need (not having to take care of any excess).

I feel free – and freedom is for me the biggest value, the biggest richness – when I have just a few items. The excess overwhelms me.

So minimalism came back to me like a boomerang. And like the best friend.

The advertised, the series-and-romantic-comedy-like and the sexy gave me nothing.

(And to make things clear with the feminity: I’m till interested in the subject of femininity and masculinity – we’re bringing up two Boys!. I’m looking for good resources).


I feel the need to simplify more. I want it.

The next part of my inspiration to do this is:

Watching videos of a couple traveling for months in their motorhome, needing almost only food and fuel, and a place to do laundry, having everything, being happy in nature, being joyful because of the little things. They left home without preparation, packed only fast some necessities and food from their fridge. And they missed nothing.

Which only makes me ask again: what are the things we leave at home when traveling? It looks like we don’t need them. So why do we store them?!

Till now, I’ve gone through all my toiletries to keep only the necessary, the simple and the chemicals free. (See my list of all necessary toiletries: simple, natural, eco).

Today I’ve gone also through our Boys’ wardrobe, following my 5 rules for decluttering toys.

I also have one reflection which probably will seem stupid to most of you. But after 7+ years living a minimalist lifestyle, after many decluttering sessions and different organization and storage concept tried… I’m sure that:

If you use boxes for storage, you have too much things.

Yes, really.

And one interesting article about the minimalist lifestyle is here: 100 Possessions.

minimalist lifestyle - why I couldnt give up minimalism