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Buying for buying or buying with the hope of something made me tired. I’ve been making myself tired.

I don’t buy much, but whenever I do not have anything missing, there comes a new need. Or need. Temptation. The promise that when I buy this product one area of my life will be better. Miraculous newnesses, super solutions, eco-whatever. Sonic toothbrush, menstrual cup, baking soda, essential oils, bb cream. Do I use them? Errr …

I decided to try not to buy items for myself for next six months. It will be some version of Buy Nothing New Year. I am aware that the half is less attractive than a year, but I prefer to realize a smaller goal than to establish a big one and than do nothing. And because my goal is non-cluttering my living space, I cast out the word new from the original Buy Nothing New project. So I don’t buy used item as well.

The issue of saving is one thing, but at the moment I am more interested to set my emotions on their proper tracks. It is not easy, because I’m not going to give up the computer, the internet – full of my potential new needs.

Yesterday I gave up visiting with my child the Christmas fair on my estate. On the one hand, natural soaps, on the other hand also my fondness for entrepreneurs – and I would buy!

Moreover, I’m tired of the setting of our civilization under consumerism. Because of this not only workers in poorer countries and our planet are losing, but also the buyers. We lose our composure, time, money and health.

I want to live with what I have – because I have everything. I want to start living now, to turn on my dream way of functioning, focus on cool purposes, not for polishing up my surroundings with uncertain solutions.

I’m starting today.

The rule: I do not buy any things for myself besides food and basic toiletries.

The exceptions, which I admit: mascara and max. 3 casual tops.

Tips for weaker moments:

  • Do you want to buy something? – Wait. You’ve lived so much time without, you’ll live a little more and ask yourself if you still think this thing is such a need.
  • Do you really want to clean it in the future? Take care of it, put back to its place, wipe another shelf of dust? You know that empty apartment is pleasant and gives you freedom.
  • Avoid shopping 🙂

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