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Recently I’ve published Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources List, after interviewing different people interested in the simple lifestyle. Now I’ve noticed that this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes four ebooks and two ecourses on the subject of minimalism, simple living, decluttering, intentional living. I’m so happy that minimalism goes into the mainstream. This means that people see the need to live more peacefully and mindfully (vs. on the advertisement’s and the Joneses’ autopilot).

If you’d buy these ebooks and courses at any time, separately, you’d pay $206.41. And the Bundle which includes much more resources on homemaking subjects costs only $29.97.


Only by Monday, 4/16.

And other subjects covered in the Bundle that can be interesting for my readers are: goal setting, time management, work at home and homeschooling. (And, by the way, have you read my 11 Crucial Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids?)

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The article contains affiliate links.

The Homemaking Bundle 2018 – interesting highlights for people who want to simplify their homes and lives

1 | Living With Less by Stacey Ogden ($10.00)

In Living With Less, Stacey walks you through each room in your house, and known hot spots (I’m lookin’ at you, junk drawer), making it easy to let go of things that are clogging up your home, heart, and mind.

Get with the Bundle.

The ebook’s page outside of the bundle.

2 | Clutter: Sorted: Take Your Home From Chaos to Calm, Step by Step by Chrissy Halton ($83.41)

Clutter: Sorted – the amazing eCourse that helps you to declutter your home and take it from chaos to calm in a simple and step by step way.

Get with the Bundle.

The course’s page outside of the bundle.

3 | Clutterfree: Declutter Your Home to Create Space for Joy by Christina Tiplea ($49.00)

A step-by-step course to help you develop a clutter-free mindset, declutter your entire home, and create habits & strategies that will help you stay clutter-free forever.

Get with the Bundle.

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4 | The Clutter Handbook by Clean Mama ($10.00)

Becky of Clean Mama simplifies the process of decluttering to a step-by-step method that anyone can follow to take the guesswork out of decluttering your home.

Get with the Bundle.

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5 | Simply Happy Living by Brianna Pool ($17.00)

Learn to structure your time to make room for self care, create realistic goals, let go of negativity, and focus more on happiness.

Get with the Bundle.

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6 |The Essentials: 7 Projects to Sane-ify Your Life by Tsh Oxenreider ($37.00)

The Essentials is a short, actionable course to help you take care of 7 life foundations—if you feel like the chaos outweighs the calm in your life, the course helps you first take care of the basics.

Get with the Bundle.

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homemaking bundle decluttering, minimalism and simple living resourcesAnd I leave you with a few words about the Bundle from its founders (remember, the end date is Mon 4/16):

It’s that time again!

Since 2013, Ultimate Bundles has been selling the Ultimate Homemaking Bundlea complete collection of resources to help you create a home and life you love.

The bundle is your personal library of resources to create a warm and welcoming home, not to mention feeding your family quick and easy meals, parenting and faith-building ideas, and help balancing all your demands and keeping your sanity.

It’s a great deal. Just $29.97 for 129 tools! Only by Monday, 4/16.

100,000 women can’t be wrong!

Over the years, a crazy number of people (100,000!) have invested in themselves by grabbing a copy of the bundle.

People like Nikki, who grabbed last year’s version say:

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has been a total game-changer for me. As a new momma of two, I have less time to find the resources I need (and more of a need for the actual resources!). Recipes, meal planning & cleaning templates, and SO much more- all in one place! It’s a busy mother’s dream.”

Or Jen, who also bought the 2017 Homemaking Bundle:

This bundle is absolutely amazing! It was my first bundle and experience with Ultimate Bundles. Now, I’m an avid follower and supporter! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has brought clarity, purpose, and positivity to my life. I am more grounded and peaceful. My home is full of love. I have grown as a person and increased my educational pursuits. I feel inspired!
homemaking bundle decluttering
Even though it’s always a great deal and full of incredible resources, this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is the best one!

First of all, this is the first year the specially-formatted eReader files are included, so you’ll have a smooth reading experience no matter what kind of device you use. You used to have to pay $10 extra, but since they’re now included, it’s like you’re getting a $10 bonus!

It’s also the most resources ever included in one of our bundles! Whether you want decluttering and organizing tips, ideas to help you balance all your roleshealthy meal plans, mothering or marriage tips, or anything else related to homemaking, this bundle has you covered.

just make your home calmer

Curious what the bundle includes?

When you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you’ll get access to:

  • 62 eBooks
  • 30 eCourses, videos & audio files
  • 34 printables & workbooks,
  • and 3 membership sites

… all curated to give you an insanely helpful collection of resources to touch every part of your homemaking journey – at a price that’s too good to miss.

Will our homes ever be perfect? Nope. Will these tools make life more stress-free? That’s possible.

But learning smart strategies and solutions, and saving yourself time and stress trying to figure things out on your own, sure does go a long way.

And with a little help, you really can create a home and life that (while imperfect) is pretty stinkin’ awesome. 🙂

Check out the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle right here: the Bundle.

Did we mention the bonuses?! Choose from bonuses worth more than $180 like free kids’ books from Bookroo, unlimited books, audiobooks and magazines with a 3-month Scribd subscription, or free natural eyeshadow from Orglamix – just to name a few!

Learn more here: the bonuses.

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