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More Ideas How to Live Simpler – Slower, Healthier and More Eco-Friendly

Slow life, simple life, minimalism, healthy lifestyle, coming back to nature, environmental friendliness – they all lead step by step to a life in which you can be more free, healthy, less stressed, less harmful for the Earth and save more money (or save time which you sell for the money which you won’t need). Today I share with you a messy list of examples, ways how to live simpler. Maybe on the list, you’ll find something that you’ve been searching for. Hopefully, you’ll find something to implement in your life with wonderful results.

Changing your lifestyle is always about experiments. You think of a new way of doing something and you try it for some time, then assess how it feels and how are the effects. Experiments are the key if you want to live differently from how you’ve been raised, different from what people around you consider to be normal. Give yourself time for tries and understanding for errors or giving up the idea (you don’t give up forever, but just at this moment in your life).

How to live simpler?

1 | Declutter / become a minimalist


– living in a more pleasant and peaceful environment

– less time spent on caring for items when you have fewer items

– less stress – less time spent on searching for necessary items in the mountains of various uncategorized and unused stuff

– saving money by not buying useless things

– making money by selling or lending useless things (if you’re from the US or UK, check FatLama – a renting platform for almost anything)

For inspiration on how to start decluttering or minimalist lifestyle check my article Becoming Minimalist and Practicing Minimalism – a Simple Experiment to Start or see Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources to Inspire Life Changes In 2019.

2 | Stop blow-drying your hair

– better for hair health

– better for your electricity bill

– And the electromagnetic field produced by a hairdryer, influencing many parts and processes in our bodies, is one of the biggest of all home appliances and held so close to our body: brain.

I’ve just started this experiment. Because days are getting colder here and the sun is no more so strong, I wash my hair in the evening.

My tip so far: I recommend you hide the hairdryer to another room to not forget about changing the habit.

3 | Stop showering your kids every day

– less work for you

– kids’ skin not treated with soap every day should be happy

We’re used to showering our kids every single evening. We did it for years. Now I’m breaking the rule. Faces, hands, and feet are washed every day, and the bum’s after a poo. But probably everyday shower or bath when they haven’t got dirty outside isn’t necessary.

4 | Sometimes don’t put on a bra

– better for breasts health

– better for lungs

– better for the heart (the physical heart and the Heart as the home of our feelings, emotions or even soul too)

5 | Hand wash your dishes

– natural contact with the matter

– meditation

– the sense of caring for your home, family, and life, much different from earning for the machine and machine’s work and letting it do the work

– you can use no liquid or just a little liquid or an eco-friendly liquid – much better than chemical dishwasher tablets and their remainings on your plates, in your food

Currently, I again do more handwashing. But on the days when I cook more and have at once many plates covered with fat, I let myself use the dishwasher. Lap of luxury.

6 | Do the laundry less often

– time, your work, electricity, and water saved

– fewer hours of noise at home!

– fewer chemicals from detergents on your skin

See my tips for simple and eco laundry.

More ideas on how to live simpler

7 | less makeup

8 | less soap

9 | less shaving

10 | less vacuum cleaning (maybe cleaning with a mop or sweeping only messed areas, not the whole floor would be enough?)

The list goes on and everyone who looks for more simplicity in their life could fast add more examples.

Do you want to start a minimalist lifestyle? Have you already started but want to make the process easier? Get yourself a copy of the Go Minimalist Workbook – 40 printable pages, including helpful lists and worksheets to help you simplify. The choice of subjects was based on the topics searched and questions asked most frequently by the blog’s Readers.

Minimalist Body Care printable - minimalist cosmetics list fillable, how to simplify skincare

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