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How to Make Your Child Not Overuse Computer

I don’t want to watch my child disappear into the virtual world. I don’t want him to watch cartoons on screens as a baby, nor want I my teenager to spend hours every day with mobile devices. I’m thinking how to make a child not overuse computer. Because I want him to have contact with me, with people near him and just simply with the world.

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How to prevent child computer addiction?

I admit that probably I am already addicted to the internet. The reason for spending so much time every day with my mobile phone, iPad or computer is that it is so easily accessible. Devices are mobile. Too mobile.

Quickly accessible and cheap entertainment that suits our needs because it offers a variety in which we can choose.

So we jump in, dive and disappear.

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How to make a child not overuse computer?

So how can we make our children not disappear into the computer? The only way that can bring success – in teaching anything – is parent’s own example.Now we can go to step number two where our title question changes into:

Do you use the Internet, your computer, and phone as tools? Or do they use you? Are they for you substitute for real relations, real fun, real life?

Now we can go to step number two where our title question changes into:

How to overcome internet addiction?

1. What, where and when.

Answer these basic questions about your internet use. Note what kind of activities do you do: apps, work, photos, websites (what kind?), social media, email etc. I noticed that I use the Internet in different situations when I have time, but not too much (waiting for something). The Internet works for me also like chocolate – it quickly makes me feel better when I’m anxious. So make your own investigation into your Internet use. Your observation can give you answers for how to make a child not overuse computer – by not following your bad habits.

2. Set rules

in terms of what, where and when. – In the first point, you described your current use of Internet. Now describe your wanted use. For example, you can choose not to use electronic devices after or before a certain hour. It’s recommended not to use electronics in your bedroom. Firstly to calm your mind by not looking at things associated with work, secondly because of the harmful radiation. Of course, you can prohibit yourself using certain apps or reading certain kind of websites.

3. Follow the rules!

Try to do as much as you can to get closer to the description in point 2. During practicing, you can rewrite the description much time to suit your current needs and abilities to live without 🙂

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How To Prevent Your Child From Getting Internet Addicted? how to make child not overuse computer? Tips, Rules, Steps. Click to read the whole article! :)

What can you gain?

Time. For sleep, for loved ones, for doing nothing.

– More quiet mind. Fewer ideas, less news, less information leads to fewer rubbish thoughts. And that means less stress.

– New ideas. From your own head, completely original and suit your situation. Not given ready as on the Internet.

Children you want: connected with their family, running, dancing (not watching music videos), singing (not o ly listening), drawing (not only watching others art), observing nature.

Be as you want your kids to be. Because you’re their first example.

How to overcome kids' computer addiction? Dear parent, be like you want your kids to be, because you are their first example. Click to read the whole article about setting rules for internet use for family.

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Are you successful in limiting your and your kids’ screen time? If yes, what is the best method working in your family? If no, what is the biggest obstacle? Tell us in comments. Let’s share experiences.

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How To Make Your Child Not Overuse Computer? Basics, Benefits and How-To. Limiting kids' screen time, reviewing parents' Internet use. Click to read the article! :)