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mini art: The Red Moon

As you know from my newest articles, I’m recently fascinated with the subject of femininity on different levels.

I hope you know or can fast imagine that the moon, the Luna is connected to women. We have cycles like the moon and cycles of similar length. The subject is huge, probably I’ll write more about it when I only get enough knowledge myself.

For some time now, I’m observing the Luna, standing on our balcony, staring in the evening at the sky like a crazy woman.

Today, at the time when the moon should appear from behind another building, I looked and asked my Husband rapidly:

– Honey, why is the moon broken?

Yes, I like to play a stupid blonde from time to time.

The moon was (and still is) blackish-reddish.

And I saw it first, and I knew first what it was (a few clicks on the laptop), faster than my Husband who’s so proud because of his interest in astronomy.

Lunar Eclipse, Full BloodMoon, Full Buck Moon.

It’s full, it’s dark and brown-reddish. It’s covered with the Earth’s shadow in the middle and the remaining area, a ring, is lighter but not of a normal moon-color.

And it’s now and here. A little advantage of not living in the US đŸ˜‰

P.S. Probably I’m getting too crazy about the feminine magic recently, I know. But the years of listening to my rational mind were boring and just didn’t led me to a place where I want to be.

lunar eclipse red blood moon 2018 blog femininity