Why will I write about various stuff here?

Minimalism has been a great tool that improved and still keeps improving my life.

But I’m far from writing that everyone should be a minimalist or that minimalism is the best way of dealing with some life’s subjects.

Minimalism worked for me like nothing else, like nothing before. And till now I haven’t found any tool or habit that will help me so much and stay with me so long.

Other tools that I tried on are for example single-tasking (as a mother, really?), slow life, mindfulness, being in the present moment, living environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyle. They were good and I needed them. At that time. I needed them for a period of time. They changed me.

They made my life more conscious. I appreciate it. I needed it. But becoming more conscious, deepening it too much isn’t a desired direction for me. It led many people to pessimism and radicalism.

So how to call my current way of life? Minimalism? Yes. But it’s already implemented. Minimalism is a part of me and is my partner. I know how to use and I don’t have to work on it, to increase, improve. It just happens when I need or want. It works by itself.

For a moment I thought that my current direction in my lifestyle is quality life. In some way yes. But I associate it with buying expensive stuff with proper logos, which is not my style. And what does quality mean? No, if I ask questions like this, we’re not talking here about something essential for me.

So I kept thinking. No, I kept observing myself. And now I know that today what is important for me is… laziness and slowness. I’m lazy and I’m slow. My biggest dream now, as a mother, is more silence, less duties, longer mornings, earlier evenings. Doing nothing, being alone, not being pushed to do things NOW, immediately.

Because what I actually need and use simplifying for? I use it to limit the number of things I have to care about. I use it to limit my duties and concerns. Choosing to do less tasks can be associated with laziness. Yes, minimalism let me be slow and do less. I want it, I need it, I love it. My days without excessive stuff and stupid obligations are joy for me.

So what I do and what I’ll write about is… creating, organising and living a comfortable life. Simple and easy.

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