New Year’s resolution. In Advent

With the December I’ve started the new year. And I have a task for myself this year.

Why December?

Because I’ve already achived my New Year’s resolution made in January. For 100%.

I worked out an attitude by which I direct my own life and I play the main role in it. It was not easy to achieve and it is not easy with such an attitude, but at the same time is great.

Because December is a nice, rich moth, that associates with something (with beautiful things).

In contrast to January, which is neutral, with nothing to not associate. Why not start the New Year with the best month of fresh snow and joyful Christmas?

Because now I begin a new stage in my motherhood. After almost one and half year it’s time for us for weaning.

December is the Advent – the time of – among other things – sacrifices.

And isn’t the beginning of  working on some part of your life a little ordeal?

What resolution?

About this hush-hush – I only know it. This is something very big, very significant and I am not sure whether I will have enough tools, knowledge and other resources to carry out the resolution of this year. But I know that I really want to do it.

What minimalist can advise in terms of New Year’s resolutions?

Take one. Focus on one area of ​​life, on one thing.

I could have also written down: changes in diet, more running, diy projects, cooking, knitting, improving something, coming in the language X to the level Y. I could write it, but the chances of implementation are weak. WHile chances for the attack of frustration and dissatisfaction with myself would increase. Accept the simple fact that the day has only 24 hours. And make one resolution.

I would like to add here that I have a vision of my happier life, for which I have a few more elements missing (besides my current New Year’s resolution). But I decided that I prefer to come where I want slowly than not at all. Another missing elements I would write down as tasks for the coming years.


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